Top Wedding Hairstyles of 2014

Wedding hairstyle is next important detail in bride’s image and that’s why it should be chosen with great care. Wedding hairstyle should be elegant sophisticated and suitable for wedding dress. Thanks to zillion hairstyles and styling options you will be able to create any unimaginable style that will highlight your best features and will make the queen of the party.

long wavy wedding hairstyles 2014 glamour-wedding-hairstyles-2014

Top Wedding hairstyles of 2014 include all the popular and glamorous hairstyles suitable for such big day so if you have faced the problem of choosing wedding hairstyle, you can get some inspiration from this examples of wedding hairstyles and you will surely find the one for coming party.

First hairstyle to be mentioned is curly half updo that looks really cute and elegant. If you have shorter hair you can opt for hair extensions and then create curly hairstyle. For better result use curl enhancer before the styling process and try to use high class curling iron that will not damage hair. When you finish styling curls, run your fingers through hair to separate curls and make them more natural. At last, pull back the front part and fix with hair clip. You can also leave few strands to frame your face. Actually, there are numerous curly hairstyles that will suitable for wedding.

curly blonde hairstyles for wedding curly wedding hairstyles 2014

Classy updo hairstyle is may be most suitable style for wedding because it looks really elegant and sophisticated. However, most of them are complicated and can be created only by pro hairdresser. You can just choose the best that will be in perfect harmony with dress and veil.

bridal updo wedding-hairstyles-2014



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