Easy Formal Hairstyles 2014

The ability of styling hair is a great thing because it is not so wise to turn to hair stylist every time you want to look good. Even if you are rookie in the art of hair styling, you can learn few simple tricks that will help you to deal with messy hair. Furthermore, once you learn basic rules, you will be able to create smashing hairstyle for any formal event.

cute-formal-hairstyles 2014 easy formal updo hairstyles 2014

As we are talking about formal hairstyles, let’s consider those that are easy-to-do and can be created even without having special skills.  These examples of easy formal hairstyles 2014 will inspire you for beautiful makeover.
If you are blessed with natural curly or wavy hair, you can easily create formal curly hairstyle and combine it with cute hair accessory. Such image will never stay unnoticed. If you are getting ready to an informal party, you can also create tousled wavy hairstyle that is very popular this year. Tousled and messy hair is no longer faux pas.

layered-formal-hairstyles-2014 medium length formal-hairstyles

Talking about easy formal hairstyles I just cannot forget about classy updo hairstyles like ponytail, ballerina bun, chignon, French twist and many other creative styles that are easy-to-do and perfectly suitable for formal event. You can choose any of these styles that will complete your outfit.

If you have long chic tresses and you want to show them off, you can opt for half up-do hairstyle that will open your face and at the same time leave your hair cascading down on your shoulders. You can pull back two sides and secure them with hair clip or you can create more sophisticated style by twisting or braiding the sides.

curly-easy-formal-hairstyles 2014 easy-formal-hairstyles 2014



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