Trendy Hairstyles

New York Fashion Week: Hairstyles 2014

Hair trends 2014 like the previous years’ hairstyles are inspired by catwalk, red carpet, and fashion week shows. To stay updated in this post we will take a look at the 2014 New York Fashion Week Hairstyles.

Hairstyles Trends NYFW 2014

New York Fashion Week this time seemed to put much accent on vintage images in all aspects of fashion. Retro clothing, retro make up and for sure retro hairstyles that combined together created gorgeous spring looks and became the trend of spring-summer collections 2014. Now let’s take a look at some hairstyles that create such nice vintage air. Read more »

Braided Hairstyles 2014

Braided hairstyles are the most beloved hairstyles by many women all over the world. They are really very beautiful, and this not the only reason for women to adore them, braided hairstyles are so variable and offer numerous styling ways. If you are among the women who adore braids I advice you to look through this post where I will represent some best examples of braided hairstyles 2014 and I am sure you will get inspired.

milkmaid braided hairstyles

Braided hairstyles are often worn by celebrities and we see them on catwalks and fashion weeks, still many of them are not that difficult to design and can actually be combined with casual outfit. Read more »

Layered Hairstyles 2014

New season is almost here! Are you ready to make the step for a change in the coming season? All our beloved celebs and beauty bunnies have already updated their image with new clothing designs as well as hairstyling ways. So it is the very time to take a look through new designs and choose a hot hairstyle to win hearts.

Hairstyles designed are numerous, it is just a matter of what you like more. If you seek for dramatic changes you can vary from extra short haircut to medium and asymmetric haircuts. But we all know that owners of long hair cant chop off an inch of their hair length, so the best solution in such a case is layering that will upgrade your image, inspire it with fresh breath and yet you will still wear long hairstyle.

ginger layered hairstyles

2014 hair trends represent the greatest variety of new hairstyles, you can just get lost while choosing. Layers can be added to any hair length, short, medium or long. Layering styles have some specific features and now we will discuss some of them. Read more »

Short Haircuts Trends 2014

Modern haircuts and hairstyles have such a great variety of styling ways that it gets really hard to choose a proper hairstyle that will not only be trendy but will fit the face shape and boost natural beauty. Find a haircut that fits your personality. I see that it’s quite difficult but in no way it means sticking to monotonous style. To get inspiration go thorough my posts

Short Hairstyles Ideas choppy layered short haircut

blonde short haircut extra short black hairstyle

2014 spring-summer hair trends offer us new designs of the haircuts we already know, but the best hairstyle among them trendy short haircut. New designs of short haircuts are very feminine and elegant. Just have a look@ Could you also take a risk and chop off your tresses to have such an amazing seductive hairstyle? Read the post till the end and maybe short haircuts trends 2014 will inspire you to make the step. Read more »

Trendy Medium Hairstyles 2014

You seem to be seeking for quiet a long time a unique haircut. You never thought it is possible to obtain a haircut that is easy to maintain and style, has high functionality, can hide imperfections of your face! But you found it – a medium hairstyle! And here below I will show you more of trendy medium hairstyles 2014, check it out!

straight bob haircut curly medium hairstyle

long bang medium hairstyle messy medium hairstyle

The new season trends 2014 offer us new designs of medium hairstyles that all are really amazing and unique. If you want a highly functional haircut, you must choose medium layered haircut. Layering designs and cutting techniques nowadays are so numerous and different that for sure you will be able to find the right design for you. But mind that face shape and hair texture are of great importance when choosing a hairstyle, so be careful to choose an appropriate one. Read more »

Trendy Short Hairstyles 2014

You feel ready to make a step towards a total change in your appearance? Check it out! here below find some of the hottest trendy short hairstyles 2014 and choose a new look for you! Short hairstyles look modern, they are easy to styler and maintain, they are all about advantages!

new short haisrtyle short red hairstyle

Short haircuts trends 2014 are quiet edgy, with bolder designs, like choppy layers, razor cut designs, bright colors, shaved sides and totally new styling ways.Among them for sure you can find more classy and elegant designs. The lovers of retro hairstyle will still find some designs spiced with new details. Read more »

Hair Color Trends

It doesn’t matter if you are a seductive natural brunette or a cute feminine blonde, there comes time when you get tired of the current appearance and seek for a change. And here I come, find below the hair color trends for the coming seasons and get inspired.

hair color trends 2014

 On of the trendiest decisions for blonde hair owners is sandy blonde hair color. You can renovate your look also making the roots darker that will give your locks more natural effect. Hair stylists also offer putting stress on facial features by using some highlights that will renew your image. Read more »

Trendy Up-do Hairstyles 2013

Trendy up-do hairstyles will always inject unique style and elegance to you image. There is uncountable variety of up-do styles, so look through the examples of trendy up-do hairstyles 2013 that I collected for you below and choose that very one for you.

Progressive hairstyles mostly put accent on your grace and dignity, and at the same time they stress your individuality. The styles below are all with original details ad twist so before choosing think whether you will feel confident with such a hairstyle.

Trendy up-dos have one precious thing about them: they can be designed on any hair texture. Various original styles of bangs, chignons and braids and twists can be designed, so take a glance at the below nicest hairstyles and start to practice you styling skills right now.

This season of great demand is voluminous hairstyle so you can also make your style loud and expressive by wearing such an up-do hairstyle. Read more »

Hairstyle Trends for 2013

Make the shift; get the brand new look in the coming season! Update your ordinary routine appearance with knocking down haircut! The easiest tricks will make you avoid the disaster of appalling changes. The top styles of the forthcoming season are included in the finest selection of hairstyle trends for 2013 presented below.

The newest runway shows present the most popular styles from hair masters, get inspiration; they do worth to be an example! Confess to yourself that you are saying goodbye to grey boring hairstyles and accept the new hairstyle decisions to reveal your inborn beauty.

If you want to follow the ultimate trends, leave your hair to grow, cause hairstyle tendencies 2013 are all about long hair.

Curly Hairstyles

The heavenly curly hairstyle will pass angelic looks to your image. The curly hair will still be in fashion, so get ready and glam up your appearances with old simple curls that make you look so feminine and delicate. Read more »

Best Medium Layered Haircuts 2012

Refresh your look by going for the best medium layered haircuts ideas for 2012. Give your locks a glamorous and gorgeous with the help of these chic and sexy medium layered haircuts that will provide your look with much attractiveness and perfectness. Wait no more and update your style with one of the chic and glam medium layered haircuts ideas.

This in-between dimension will help you play with different hair styling options to look hot and sexy in 2012. Go for the asymmetry if you want to create versatile looks for spring / summer 2012. Layering will help you break the monotony of your medium crop. So, opt for one of these layered haircuts offered for a sexier and more glamorous effect. Muss-up your hairstyle to look edgier ang cooler.  Read more »