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Undercut Hairstyles for Men

Past season hairstyles introduced some new things in hairstyles industry, precisely retro hairstyles. For both men and women we saw styles that were originally popular years before, but now were represented with new modern breath. And I want to say that the tendencies of the current season have not changed much, vintage atmosphere is everywhere around: in clothing, make up and hair styling. For women we have discussed it before, but for mens hairstyles I would like to introduce some designs in this article. As we have come to retro styles I should say that old good undercut hairstyles for men are in trends now, they look masculine and strong, and fashionable cause stylists fresh touch has said its word.

formal undercut hairstyle men david beckham undercut hairstyles

undercut hairstyle men men undercut hairstyle

Classy undercut hair were on the peak of popularity in 1920’s, and now in these times of fresh ideas they have returned upgraded and worthy celeb looks. Undercut hairstyle is usually crop cut or even shaved on sides and a bit longer on the crown area. Read more »

Undercut Hairstyle for Women

Sunny weather and hot wind makes us think of our image. Do you look as hot as the summer weather? If not yet, let’s discuss in this article undercut hairstyle for women. The majority of you now may say that undercut hairstyle is for men, but I will argue with you here, cause many celebrities choose undercut hairstyle to underline their self confidence and personality, so why can’t you choose a hairstyle to boost your individuality?  Undercut hairstyles are not of one kind, they can be different starting from casual designs to more complicated ones, making you look soft and on the contrary bold.

rihanna long undercut hairstyle short undercut hairstyle

undercut hairstyles braided undercut hairstyle

Undercut style is a retro hairstyle in fact that has returned into fashion during last years, and hold positions so far. It can fit both men and women, and looks equally smart on long and short hair length. And on the whole how can shaved side and longer hair look dull? I assure you that this hairstyle will inject you with life and sexy looks. Read more »

French Twist Updo by Charlize Theron

All the new trends come to be popular and wide spread through celebrities. Once seen on the red carpet a dress, an accessory and a hairstyle become popular and go into people. Celebrities inspire us with the modern designs and we willingly follow them, but we shouldn’t forget that each of us ladies, is a unique treasure, and we should consider thoroughly our own image. Among celebrities Charlize Theron is the one standing out her her style, her hair always of blonde hair color or of blonde ombre highlights and her hairstyles always elegant. French twist updo by Charlize Theron is worth discussing and more close attention, cause it looks simply perfect.

charlize theron french twst updo french twist updo

You see an amazing hairstyle on pictures, and yet it is simple. Yes, it is all in the mainstream with the tendencies of natural hairstyles 2014. No complicated details and tricks, just hair twisted. Let’s consider how we can recreate French twist updo. Read more »

Elegant Hair Updos

If a woman is invited to a party, get ready for some fuss. No matter a formal party, or casual evening with classmates who she hasn’t seen for ages a total panic begins: what to wear, what shoes to choose, make and for sure hairstyle! If you were a celebrity, stylists would do it all for you, but now it’s all up to you to choose and decide and get the fabulous looks at the end. I am here to show you some examples of elegant hair updos that perhaps will fit you this time, let’s go!

hairstyles with headbands

Stylist each time represent us new styles that are gorgeous and sophisticated, but among hair updos I want to mention separately bun hairstyles, that were oh so popular in fifty’s. You could see women in buns everywhere, and not thin buns lacking body, but thick beehive buns. Read more »

Celebrity Layered Hairstyles

Summer is almost here and my dears it is time to change. Draw some inspiration from pop and movie stars, cause they represent fashion and they introduce us the brand new ides in fashion, be it clothing, make up, or hair styling. Hair trends 2014 prompt us to follow celebrity layered hairstyles that look gorgeous on shiny hair.

long layered haircuts layered hairstyles by celebs

jennifer aniston layered haircuts center parted layered hairstyles

To acquire the glamorous image like celebrities in these pictures, first of all you must remember to keep hair healthy. Yes we know that long hair demand and time and effort, but look what incredible effect you may reach if all done properly. As for layering, keep in mind your face shape. Layers are irreplaceable to hide face imperfections, for instance choose tapered layers for round faces, and you will see how visually your face will become perfectly oval. Read more »

Hairstyles for Black Women

Women want to look amazing regardless of when and where they appear. Healthy and shiny hair is the first thing for women to take care of. This concerns mostly women with dry frizzy hair. They happen to face some specific problems and only high quality hair care means can solve their issues. Frizzy and dry edges is all about black hair, black women often appear in front of such problem, but having solved it, ladies you will have the widest choice of glamorous hair styles. Let’s go on and see hairstyles for black women that are meant precisely for thick and tight black hair.

long straight hairstyles for black women african updo hairstyles

hairstyles for black women natural hairstyles for black women

If you are getting ready for a formal event it will be appropriate to have either sleek loose hair or create an updo hairstyle, but to do it you will need to straighten the tight curls of yours, here mind to use very good means of high quality not to harm your hair. Read more »

Long Hairstyles with Layers 2014

Ladies with long hair are very devoted to their tresses and chopping of hair in order to get new hairstyle is impossible for them. But here in this post I want to talk about a technique that will allow to change appearance without losing hair length – that is layering. You can choose any style: choppy layers, tapering, blunt cut layers. The effect will be incredible, you will have a new haircut that will give you many new styling opportunities. Let’s go through examples of long hairstyles with layers 2014.

golden blonde long hairstyles brunette long hairstyles

blonde long layered hairstyles multicolor long layered hairstyles

Style of layers will determine your image. Soft layers merging in each other will create elegant look, while blunt cut layers may look funky and this choice is more edgy. Read more »

Mens Hairstyles with Bangs

Hair styling industry offers hairstyles for men and women equally, nowadays the fashion is not only for women. Men haircuts also a wide range of styling opportunities for men, so that they can choose a style for a any situation in life. while selecting an appropriate hairstyle men must take into account that hairstyle should never make them look weaker and less masculine, to avoid it try to limit the use of hair care products that may be more feminine. And another thing to pay attention to is face and its shape, precisely foreheads cause hairstyles for narrow and large foreheads are quite contrasting. Now let’s come to mens hairstyles with bangs that I want to introduce you here, they are the most trendy hairstyles for men this season.

choppy layered hairstyles for men mens haircuts

They say for women it’s easy to hide the imperfections of face cause the properly chosen hairstyle will do it all by itself. For men also I should say that bang can solve the problem of non proportional forehead, and besides will give opportunity to style hair in different ways depending on the occasion. Guys, leave out buzz cut hairstyles if your face shape is not ideally oval. Read more »

Easy Hairstyles

Hair types and textures are different but no matter what type is your hair, I am sure that at least once you must have experienced bad hair days, in which to decide what to do with tresses is almost impossible. Yet, in this post you can find some nice examples of easy hairstyles that can be of great use in the worst days.

simple side ponytail top knot

For long hairstyles it is complete nonsense to talk about the absence of new styles. Easy and simple hairstyles for long hair are infinite. The simple ponytail is one of the most popular hairstyles throughout ages. It always look elegant if styled polish, and can be suitable for casual evenings if styled a bit loose and messy. Top knot is also among favourite hairstyles of all times. Easy, elegant, and stylish. Read more »

Hair Highlights by Celebrities

Ladies, it’s not a secret that we are all very changeable and we always seek for something new not to get bored and tired. This feature of ours affects all spheres of life, and our image also undergoes changes in accordance with mood. Hairstyle and hair color are among the first things to be changed when we need an inspirational make over. Sometimes it is difficult to go for a new haircut, and even changing hair color can be stressing. So here we have only solution: hair highlights. Modern hair dyeing techniques are a source of endless hair color combos and new decisions and first of all we see them on celebs for sure. Here are examples of hair highlights by celebrities that will be useful for you.

brown hair highlights black hair with highlights

brown hair with blonde highlights caramel hair highlights

When going for hair highlights be sure to select appropriate hair colors, cause highlighting by itself applies that base tone should be two shades darker than highlights. Read more »