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Fall 2014 Hairstyles for Black Women

Fall 2014 has entered its reign and now we must be attentive to get to know all the new trends and follow them closely. African American hairstyles for fall 2014 are a bit updated with new solutions. As usual natural hairstyles are still on trend and you can have traditional box braids, other braided hairstyles and Afro hair as you used to have before. But trendy hairstyles 2014 for fall also represent some other hairstyles for black women.

2014 Fall hairstyles for black women

2014 fall hairstyles for black women include not only natural protective hairstyles but also straightened hair, that can be left sleek or designed wavy. Long hairstyles with this deep black color are astounding indeed. Read more »

Whitney Port Fabulous Hairstyles 2014

Glamorous beauty bunny Whitney Port has gorgeous long hair and she definitely knows the secrets of having attractive and feminine look. If you want to break out of your boring shell you just need to follow few simple tricks that will help you recreate Whitney Port’s fabulous hairstyle.

whitney-port long wavy hairstyles 2014 whitney-port blonde curly hairstyles


The fist thing to be said about Whitney Port’s hair is that she has healthy blonde hair and this is the main reason why she always has stunning look. If you have thin and fine hair you should always try to add volume to your hair. You can use round brush to lift the roots. You can also blow dry hair upside down for better result. Celebrity hairstyles she wears are in reality easy but so charming. Read more »

Halle Berry Glam Hairstyles for Summer 2014

Cute and sweetheart Halle Berry looks great with any haircut and that’s why she never stops experimenting with different images. You can hardly find any stylish haircut that she hasn’t worn. She wore super long curly hair and then chose bolder short haircut that looked simply fantastic. If you are tired of your casual haircut, you can get some inspiration from Halle Berry and pick one of her celebrity hairstyles for beautiful makeover.

halle-berry wavy bob hairstyles for summer 2014 halle-berry short hairstyles for summer 2014


Great variety of Halle Berry’s glamorous hairstyles for summer 2014  will give you a chance to recreate any of her images without going for dramatic changes. The greatest thing about celebrity hairstyles is perfect condition of tresses so never neglect the usage of proper hair care formulas.  Read more »

2014 Hairstyles Trends

Latest hairstyles trends are all about sexy and stylish haircuts that are meant to highlight your femininity and individuality. Stylists have gathered all the popular styles of last season and upgraded them with modern details for coming season. If you want to be trendsetter among your friends, check out these ideas of 2014 hairstyles and inspire yourself for next hot look.

easy-long-hairstyle-2014 Trendy-Hairstyles-2014

2014 hairstyles trends include both short and long hair for any taste and preference so there is no need to go for drastic changes and you can simply upgrade your hairstyle for coming season. Read more »

2014 Hot Hairstyles Ideas

The first condition of having attractive look is to have stylish and trendy haircut. If you also want to look seductive and stylish you can stay in touch with the latest trends of haircuts and hairstyles and always change your image.

Straight-Hairstyle-for-blonde best-hairstyles-for-medium-hair

If you are in need of some inspiration for your next beauty session, you can get some inspiration from celebrities who always rock the red carpet with ultra-hot and trendy hairstyles. You can also check out few examples of 2014 hairstyles that will help you to make up your mind. Read more »

2014 Hairstyles for Teens

Teens have already got their own fashion and every year stylists offer trendy haircuts for teens. This year too stylists have prepared smashing styles for teens. If you want to be a trendsetter among your friends, this post will help you to find gorgeous hairstyle for new season.

long boho hairstyles for teens 2014

2014 hairstyles trends include different styles from short funky hairstyles to more romantic long hairstyles so no matter which style you choose you will look stunning. If you are in need of some inspiration you can check out these examples of 2014 hairstyles ideas for teens and choose the most suitable style for coming season. Read more »

Ombre Summer Hairstyles 2014

With the coming of summer perhaps you have already changed you hairstyle and chose more relaxed beach waves or tried hair accessories for summer, and today let’s consider your hair color. For summer you should have hair highlights that are not very bright because the sun will fade the deep bright color very quickly. To be natural ombre hair is the best choice besides it is one of the trendy hairstyles and hair color solutions now. try to keep roots of the color close to natural, then ombre highlights will be easy to maintain. Now more in detail about ombre summer hairstyles 2014.

honey brown ombre hair

Two tone hairstyles are very attractive and this explains their popularity. Ombre hair introduce smart transition from dark hair color to lighter, it can be even dark chocolate to strawberry blonde. Sometimes ombre hair can be transition of 3 colors. Read more »

Fascinating Summer Hairstyles 2014

Now that summer has totally taken over, we stand in front of style change. Our outfit, clothing, shoes and accessories should be updated. Make up must be light and natural. And for sure summer trendy hairstyles should also be special and natural looking. Hair trends 2014 have already determined the best hairstyles for summer and now all red carpet events introduce us fascinating summer hairstyles 2014 –  easy, relaxed and very summer.

summer hairstyles 2014

Below I will introduce the summer hairstyles ideas that are in the mainstream this season and I hope you will get inspired and will easily recreate them. Read more »

Bun Summer Hairstyles 2014

Now that summer is in here, we ought to be ready, ladies! Not only our wardrobe needs to be upgraded, but also hairstyles. We well know that summer hairstyles are easy and relaxed, not demanding time and effort. We have talked about beach wavy hairstyles  and now I want to discuss updo summer hairstyles. For sure no sophisticated updos are allowed, all about soft and tender, mostly messy designs, that is to say bun hairstyles. To consider it more thoroughly I have collected some ideas for bun summer hairstyles 2014, let’s see them, girls!

Summer Messy Bun Hairstyles

Bun updo hairstyles can be of different designs and meant for different occasions. And some of them are very complicated that only hair stylist can create. But for summer hairstyles 2014 we should consider the easiest bun hairstyles, and the first style to mention here is messy top knot. I am sure there is no woman who has never pulled up hair in a knot and run out from her flat. Now imagine your simple updo complete with summer hair accessory! You will get wonderful flirty summer image. Leather and metallic headbands, scarves and other summer hair accessories find here. Read more »

Hairstyles Ideas for Round Faces

Everyone is unique and has unique features. Hairstyle and makeup is meant to highlight best features and at the same time hide little faults. The secret of having smashing look is to have the style that will be perfectly suitable for your face shape. Thanks to zillion haircuts as well as infinite hair styling techniques you will be able to find the one t that will be a perfect match for you. The only thing to be done is to analyze face shape, hair texture and then opt for instant makeover.

medium-hairstyles-2014 updo-medium-hairstyle-2014

Face shape is the first criterion to be taken into account. Ladies with oval face shape can experiment with any haircut be it short or long while those with round or square face shape should be more careful when choosing haircut. Here are some trendy hairstyles ideas for round face shape that will help you to create attractive look. Read more »