Popular Hairstyles 2014

Blonde Hair Color Trends

Men love blondes! This is a true statement and any man can prove it. Many celebrities now choose blonde hair color and become sex symbols, and many divine goddesses have been true blondes. Although brunette and brown hair color look more serious and this war never ending, anyways we should all accept that blondes are the heart breakers. Those of us that have naturally blonde hair, can do nothing but enjoy it and all the merits it has, while the other should undergo some dramatic changes to come to the desired image. Blonde is a color that has shades and tines, and is used separately as well as for hair highlights. So what are blonde hair color trends of this season? Let’s see it right away.

caramel blonde hair color sandy blonde hair color

golden blonde hair color champagne blonde hair color

Blonde hair color must be taken care of. You should have special caring products, as well as the hue you will use must be of perfect quality not to destroy your image. Stylist offer us many new shades of blonde this year. Read more »

Side Ponytail

One of the most popular hairstyles of all times is ponytail. And this is easy to explain: ponytail hairstyles are easy to create and no styling skills are required. Imagine yourself for a second, can’t you design a ponytail? Besides, ponytail are very casual at first sight, but if you upgrade them with some tricky detail they can fit any formal event. Actually nowadays the design for ponytails are numerous. They are meant both for everyday life and casual outfit on one side, and on the other for a special event and evening gown. Today let’s consider side ponytail and see what variations we can style.

wavy side ponytail ponytail for black women

ponytail styles twisted ponytail

You will never stop experimenting with ponytails once you start doing it. Look at this twisty ponytail, it look fabulous very simple and easy-to-do, yet looks quite serious and presentable. You just need to twist hair from one side, bringing on the back to the opposite side, and fix the tresses into a loose ponytail. Read more »

Bob Hairstyles 2014

Ladies, if you happen to be in a search of new image, nothing can be better than old good bob haircut! But modern variations for sure. Nowadays many retro styles come back to fashion, but the thing is that bob hairstyles have never left it. All the time hair stylists offer us new designs of bob, completed with layers and bangs, and different colors and highlights, Actually bob  will never go out of fashion, so if already have it, upgrade your looks, if you don’t have, run for it, cause bob hairstyles 2014 are very sexy and hot. Look yourself!

wavy bob hairstyles shag bob haircut

blunt cut bob bob hairstyles 2014

Hair trends 2014 introduced us shaggy bob hairstyles, that is to say choppy layered bob, that is frequently followed by a blunt cut bang. These two tricks perfectly go together and you will get convinced yourself by looking through the selection of bob haircuts I have collected for you. Read more »

Pin Up Hairstyles

Retro hairstyles are coming back to our modern fashion more and more now. Many new hair designs are full of retro tricks and details on one hand, and on the other retro styles are completed with modern details. Retro atmosphere is all around, in clothing fashion, in make up, and in hairstyles. So let’s see some of them, precisely pin up hairstyles, the once popular styles from 50’s, that entered 2014 and made a real statement with their appearance.

christina aguilera pin up hairstyles vintage pin up hairstyles

retro pin up hairstyles pin up hairstyles for short hair

In the pictures you see well known celebrities that have turned to hairstyles from 50’s and maybe in some cases they have similar looks appearing on different high class events, but in fact pin up hairstyles look very sexy and they underline the beauty and femininity of each single woman separately. Read more »

Romantic Braided Hairstyles

Ladies, it is the time to win hearts and inject the world with some more femininity and style. Relaxed and easy hairstyles are the fitting ones for summer season. The look very cute and they make you feel quite girlish and playful. As far as hair trends 2014 stand for natural looks, you won’t need to create tight braids and see if all strands are fixed, on the contrary loose side braids and some strands left out will create angelic image. Combined with sugar blonde hair color and ombre highlights your hairstyle will just conquer the surroundings. Here are the romantic braided hairstyles for the coming summer season.

messy braided hairtyles side fishtail

braided low bun long side braid

Fishtail braid is one of the most popular designs, yet it is a bit more complicated than the French braid and looks more exquisite. Anyways, if you are just practising styling skills, you can try messy side French braid. If your hair is poker straight, I will advice to make soft waves and then plait the tresses, to create messy effect. Read more »

Natural Curly Hairstyles

Curly hair can be consider the symbol of femininity and tenderness. Many women know that only curls make them look flirty and a bit childish that man simply adore in ladies. celebrities choose curly hairstyles to look naturally sexy and women around the world follow their image. Natural curly hairstyles include many hair designs both downdo and updo that will be suitable for any event and will always keep you romantic and sweet.

long curly hairstyles natural curly hairstyles

medium curly hairstyles naturally curly hairstyles

Naturally curly hair need much care cause quite often such tresses appear to be dry and frizzy. If you are an owner of curly hair, know that only good quality hair care means will save your hair. Read more »

Bang Hairstyles

Women are always looking for some change, we want new dresses and shoes, new bags and accessories and why not new hairstyles. Actually not all the women will easily say goodbye to long tresses they have been wearing for years, and not all will wait for months to grow short hair to longer. So what to do in this case? Is it so hopeless? And should we sit and wait for a change to come on its own? No, dears, there is a solution. New hairstyles techniques offer us bang hairstyles, and this means that without waiting and loosing hair length you can totally upgrade your image and inspire yourself with brand new looks.

side bangs hairstyles platinum blonde bangs hairstyle

blunt cut bang hairstyles layered bob with side bang

Bangs can be of different styles, so when choosing it take into account some factors, first is face shape and then hair texture. Mind that stylish bangs have awesome ability to conceal imperfections like round face, and stress your beneficial sides. Read more »

Ponytail Hairstyles

The first hairstyle coming to mind when we talk about updos is a simple ponytail. A classy hairstyle that can be designed by any of us even without having styling skills at all. You may even say that wee ponytail is not a hairstyle to speak about but in reality ponytail hairstyles are very versatile and you an see now celebrities that wear high or low ponytails, braided ponytails, straight or curly ponytails. Besides any updo hairstyle is created on the basis of ponytails. Taken alone these cute updo hairstyles can fit any event from morning exercises to a formal evening cocktail. Now let’s see some elegant ponytails to get convinced in the power of these hairstyles.

formal ponytails

No matter whether you have medium or long hair, ponytail is a thing that you must have tried before, simply now try to pay more attention to details and twists, and you will be able to create a ponytail for any formal occasion. Read more »

Trendy Hair Highlights

It is the time for you to come out of shades and shock everybody with new image. Clothing and accessories are important, but hairstyle can be crucial in such case. For many of us, dear ladies, it is difficult to change haircut, to cut off long tresses for example, but changing hair color is much easier. And I will tell you that using highlights is even easier, cause you don’t have to change the hair color you have had for ages, you just bright it up with new color decisions. So here are the trendy hair highlights of the season, look, enjoy and go to hair stylist.

blonde hair color with bold highlights brown hair color with highlights

dark hair color with highlights ash blonde hair color with highlights

As far as we are talking about breaking out from daily casual looks, then logically we should discuss bold hair highlights, that will change you in an instance. Read more »

Cute Short Haircuts

Ladies, it’s high time to make the grand change in your image! Stop thinking and just go for the hair trends 2014 leader – short haircuts. They are easy, they are cute, they are sexy! Yes! this bold change in your life will lead to a new period of fun and happiness. Short hairstyles are innumerable, today we will consider the most trendy of them to make you sure that it will the best hairstyle for you. The only thing to remember is that short hairstyles should be chosen in accordance with facial features. Now let’s see cute short haircuts of the season.

short layered hairstyles cute short haircuts

cool short haircuts layered pixie

Choppy layered short hairstyles can be considered the most popular among layered hairstyles. It makes hair styling process much easier, besides it look very seductive and hot. With such layers, you can just tousle hair with fingers and go out. Read more »