Long Layered Hairstyles 2014

2014 Cute Hairstyles for Long Face Shape

The main option of stylish haircut is that it highlights your best features and at the same time hide your little faults like large forehead, round cheeks or square chin. Everyone has different features and thanks to zillion hairstyles and hair cutting techniques you will easily find perfect hairstyle for you.

Long wavy hairstyles for long faces 2014 Half updo hairstyles for long faces 2014

If you have long face shape you  should wear hairstyle that adds width to your cheeks. Such trick makes your face look proportionate. There are many hairstyles and options that will help you to create desired look but one thing to keep in mind is that you should stay away from wearing super long blunt hairstyle. Short crop cut hairstyle won’t be an option either. The best choice will be medium length hairstyle like long bob or layered midi. If you still cannot choose proper hairstyle for you, take a peek at these examples of cute hairstyles for long face shape and choose the best one to complete your image.  Read more »

Jessica Szohr Long Hairstyles 2014

Jessica Szohr is perfect inspiration for ladies who are tired of boring images and are looking for something new and fresh. If you have long hair you will not have to kiss goodbye to an inch of it in order to have brand new look. All you have to do is to learn few simple styling secrets that will help you to have stunning look on any occasion. Check out the following 2014 long hairstyles ideas by Jessica Szohr and inspire yourself for next hot celebrity hairstyles.

Jessica Szor fishtail hairstyles 2014 Jessica Szor long messy hairstyles 2014

The greatest thing about Jessica’s hairstyles is natural style without any sophisticated twists. In fact, such hairstyle is the best one that will  bring out your natural beauty and sensuality. There is no need to go overboard with styling products in order to create attractive look. Just make the  most of your hair with tiny amount of shine serum.  Read more »

Rachel Bilson Cute Hairstyles for Fall 2014

Rachel Bilson always looks so natural and cute and any style she chooses she always look angelic. Ombre hair color makes her hairstyle even more natural and feminine. If you also want to have natural and cute look like Rachel Bilson, take a peek at Rachel Bilson cute hairstyles ideas and practice your styling skills to create similar celebrity hairstyles.

rachel-bilson-hairstyles-5 rachel-bilson-hairstyles-4

Rachel Bilson doesn’t change her image very often. She wears shoulder length ombre hair that is in perfect harmony with her complexion. In order to copy her image you should ask pro colorist to grant you with ombre hair color. If you are rookie in the art of hair coloring, do not even think about dyeing hair for your own, otherwise you will face serious hair disasters.  Once you create ombre hair color, you can learn few simple tricks that will help you to copy Rachel Bilson cute hairstyle. Read more »

Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

Natural looks are the slogan of hair trends 2014. Any hairstyle that looks natural no matter of easy or complicated design is in trends. The most popular hairstyles among natural looks are wavy hairstyles, cause they are close to original hair texture without any interference of styling means. If you consider latest red carpet events, you will understand that actually many celebrities choose being wavy, cause first it is easy, much easier than curls, and besides hairstyles for wavy hair can fit any hair length, if you are not totally crop cut for sure. Now let’s see some examples to make you sure that waves are gorgeous.

long hairstyles for wavy hair hairstyles for thick wavy hair

short hairstyles for wavy hair long wavy hairstyles

Now there is no need spending hours trying to straighten waves and curls, all you need to do is applying some gel to cam down the waves and that’s it! Imagine how many hours ot will save for you and wavy hairstyles look trendy in fact. Read more »

Long Hairstyles 2014

Hair trends 2014 bring forward hairstyles that are simple and natural. Hairstyles for long hair are updated with modern twists like layering and highlights and come forward very trendy and sexy. Long hair give you the widest range of styling opportunities, so don’t get lost and start just now. try layering, cause soft and choppy layers will inspire your image with a new touch that you are expecting. Ladies, here are long hairstyles 2014, hope that you will like the examples I collected for you.

long hairstyles 2014 curly hairstyles for long hair

long layered hairstyles long straight hairstyles

To obtain dramatic image you can try blunt cut long hairstyle and complete it with blunt cut bang, such hairstyle will make you look edgy and sexy. But remember that blunt cut hairstyles require much attention and time for styling. Actually any style of bangs will suit long tresses, you can choose massive voluminous bang, or baby bang, blunt cut or choppy side swept bangRead more »

Celebrity Layered Hairstyles

Summer is almost here and my dears it is time to change. Draw some inspiration from pop and movie stars, cause they represent fashion and they introduce us the brand new ides in fashion, be it clothing, make up, or hair styling. Hair trends 2014 prompt us to follow celebrity layered hairstyles that look gorgeous on shiny hair.

long layered haircuts layered hairstyles by celebs

jennifer aniston layered haircuts center parted layered hairstyles

To acquire the glamorous image like celebrities in these pictures, first of all you must remember to keep hair healthy. Yes we know that long hair demand and time and effort, but look what incredible effect you may reach if all done properly. As for layering, keep in mind your face shape. Layers are irreplaceable to hide face imperfections, for instance choose tapered layers for round faces, and you will see how visually your face will become perfectly oval. Read more »

Long Hairstyles with Layers 2014

Ladies with long hair are very devoted to their tresses and chopping of hair in order to get new hairstyle is impossible for them. But here in this post I want to talk about a technique that will allow to change appearance without losing hair length – that is layering. You can choose any style: choppy layers, tapering, blunt cut layers. The effect will be incredible, you will have a new haircut that will give you many new styling opportunities. Let’s go through examples of long hairstyles with layers 2014.

golden blonde long hairstyles brunette long hairstyles

blonde long layered hairstyles multicolor long layered hairstyles

Style of layers will determine your image. Soft layers merging in each other will create elegant look, while blunt cut layers may look funky and this choice is more edgy. Read more »

Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Hair trends 2014 give us a vast variety of hairstyles to choose from, and this concerns all hair types. As far as this year hair stylists offer us to be natural, I want to introduce to you this post with hairstyles for curly hair, that look very natural and cute.

hairstyles for curly hair haircuts for curly hair

These examples show you vividly that curly hair is fantastic. And by the way it is not difficult to deal with curls if you have appropriate haircut. Layering is a great option for curly hairstyles, to make them graduated and more flexible. Long layered hairstyles arm you great many styling option to always look fresh and with new image. Read more »

Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hairstyles are the preference of women of all ages because they always make a woman more feminine and sexy. And even though long hair is not easy to deal with at all, it is still the hair trend 2014 to have long gorgeous hairstyle. New season styles are updated with some modern touches, so let’s go through this post to see hairstyles for long hair that will be in the mainstream.

long side ponytails long natural hairstyles

hairstyles for long hair loose waves hairstyles

Among the advantages of long hairstyles, in first place it is worth to mention its functionality. Indeed with long hair you can try any hairstyle you like, for casual life, for special events, loose styles, and extravagant updos. And hair stylist never stop inventing something new, so always be in touch with the news, and try the new hairstyles as soon as they appear. But remember that the right hairstyle should fit your facial features and your character and lifestyle as well. Read more »

Long Layered Hairstyles

It’s high time for us to speak about the hottest long layered hairstyles. Below is a selection of layered hairstyles that will make you look all different and new, so it’s time to kiss goodbye long blunt haircut and go for brand new layers. Face shape is very important when it comes to layering so make sure to choose right layering style for you. Short layers on front part is a taboo for round or square face shape, better have chin length layers will make face oval by concealing wide cheeks.

Layering is a perfect decision for women who don’t want to change hair length and lose the long gorgeous tresses, on the other hand it will make you get rid of dull and split ends and will inspire new fresh breath to your gorgeous image.

long layered hairstyles brunette long hair

Update your look with a modern twist – asymmetric haircut. Asymmetric choppy layers on the crown part will inspire volume to your tresses and give you a chance to experiment with zillion styling options. You can even have some few highlighted strands that will accentuate the layers even more. Read more »