Brown Hair with Highlights

Hot Highlights for Brunette Hair

Brunette hair is the most suitable one for experimenting with different colors. This is the best way of getting a rather classic and hot look. There are so many ideas for coloring  your brunette hair that you will immediately like your new hairstyle due to your new cool hair color.

If you want to get a naturally classic effect you can take such fine colors as   caramel, honey and gold that are considered as the best naturally looking shades for completing your natural hair tone. Read more »

Classy Hair Highlights Ideas

The same boring hair highlight is something you pay more attention when you get tired of  it and try everything in order to change it for the better.  So, taking into consideration the fact that it’s not so easy to choose hair highlight that could perfectly suit your skin tone and personality, I’ve decided to suggest you some classy hair highlights that are of both wild and classic touch.

Have a look at these perfectly classy hair highlights of so many fine shades that will undoubtedly let you easily choose one of them for your own hair. Experiment with these classy shades that might suit your skin tone and personality. Read more »