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Hair Color Trends

It doesn’t matter if you are a seductive natural brunette or a cute feminine blonde, there comes time when you get tired of the current appearance and seek for a change. And here I come, find below the hair color trends for the coming seasons and get inspired.

hair color trends 2014

 On of the trendiest decisions for blonde hair owners is sandy blonde hair color. You can renovate your look also making the roots darker that will give your locks more natural effect. Hair stylists also offer putting stress on facial features by using some highlights that will renew your image. Read more »

Hair Color Trends for 2013

Make the shift in your appearance by a new hair color decision and be the centre of attention. Go through the widest color pallette and find the one fitting your character and style. Make the drastic change cause the coming season is the time for edgy makeover. The finest selection of hair color trends for 2013 I collected for you below will surely inspire you to make a step to a change.

Inject life to your already stunning hairstyle by adding some new color shades that will make heads spin around. Innovative hair dyeing techniques allow you to realize any hair color idea you may have, just don’t be afraid to be creative and make the change! Hair color trends for 2013 will be the best completion for any personality and style from blonde to strong red shades. Read more »

Progressive Hair Color Ideas 2013

Get drowned in the new variety of progressive hair color ideas. Get away with casual daily colors and emphasize your own style with bolder and brighter colors that will keep you the center of everybody’s attention no matter where you go.

Challenge the routine style and change all with a small detail that will shift your hairstyle cardinally. Don’t be afraid to make changes in hairstyle cause changes in life will closely follow after it. The thing you must be sure of is that you must be able to keep that drastic bold hair color.

Wearing bold hair color will stress your confidence. Due to vast diversity of progressive hair color ideas you will be able to easily choose the most appropriate one that will help to realize the craziest idea. Sharp tones like atomic bright blue, pink, red, orange and any other color its tones and variations will add dramatic shade to your image. Read more »

Highlights for Chunky Hair

Underline your unique hairstyle and break the daily routine colors with trendy highlights for chunky hair. You are sure to catch everybody’s eyes by upgrading your haircut with brand new bold highlights.

Many-tone hair coloring will stress your individuality and underline your inborn beauty. Modern hair care techniques will allow you to obtain any color you dare imagine, so go ahead, don’t be afraid, experiment with multi-color highlight designs.

Hair highlighting styles are so numerous that you can easily find a one to your taste –be it a natural design or a bolder one. Highlights for chunky hair will never be out of trends. It’s the easiest way not to touch your hair length and haircut style but just to make a change with color decisions. Just think first what image you want to create for yourself and then choose bright highlights that will stand in contrast with the basic color of your hair, or choose more natural tones that are close to base color. Here below we introduce some ideas for highlights for chunky hair that will for sure inspire you to make the shift. Read more »

Radiant Hair Colors for 2012

If you like playing with different hair color ideas in order to add some interest to your cute and lovely hair style take a look at the following radiant hair colors ideas for 2012. Refresh your pretty hair style  going for the trendiest hair colors ideas that will provide your hairstyle with much attractiveness and impression. Draw inspiration from these incredible and amazing  ideas to create the most dazzling looks in 2012. Choose the most flattering shades for your natural skin shade and hair color preferences.

Ask your hair colorist to crown your haircut with one of these radiant hair colors ideas for 2012.Your creativity and hair styling talent will also work great for your stunning look in 2012.

Go for the latest hair coloring techniques to create a too stunning and trendy look for your chic hair style. Show off your modern attitude towards the best radiant hair color trends that will help you turn heads in 2012.  Read more »

Spring 2012 Hair Colors

Tired of your boring and plain look?  What about going for the trendiest hair color ideas that will easily crown your look in spring 2012? Get ready to break out the monotony and go for the best hair color trends if you want to get a too impressive, stylish and stunning look in 2012.

Draw inspiration from these spring 2012 hair color trends that will help you look more glamorous and gorgeous. Choose the color that perfectly suits your personal style and skin shade. Add a new cool touch to your upcoming hair style with one of these chic hair colors.


If you want to have a perfectly dazzling look go for the stronger and more eye-catching shades that will add an amazing boost to your tresses. If you are more interested in natural-looking color effects go for the colors that are one or two shade darker or lighter than your skin shade. Bold and bright hair colors or trendy highlights will help you get a more dazzling and eye-catching look in the upcoming season. Choose the colors that can perfectly suit your stylish nature and personality. Read more »

2012 Hottest Hair Colors

Show off your modern attitude towards the best hair colors trends. Its high time to change your hair color to a hotter and a trendier one to create your hot image in 2012.  Choosing one of the trendiest and the hottest hair colors will be the shortest way to glam up your look for 2012.

Check out the hottest hair colors ideas 2012 to give a brand new touch to your tresses. Vamp up your modern haircut with one of these hottest hair color ideas for 2012.  Get ready to choose the most impressive hair color that will perfectly suit your skin shade and bright personality. Play with the shades that will work perfect for your cute and glam image.

Go for the shades one or two tones darker or lighter than your base tone, of course, if you want to get a more natural look. In case you want to get a hotter look for 2012, go for the hottest vibrant shades that will let you look more dazzling and gorgeous. If you are not sure you can make the right choice, ask you pro hair colorist to help you create your favorite look due to these pretty colors.  Read more »

Incredible Hair Color Ideas

If you want to change your boring and plain look by wearing a new trendy haircut, you must know that it is is not the only perfect way to get a perfectly glam look. You must also take into account the hair color you choose as it plays as great role in your beauty style as your new gorgeous haircut. Opt for the trendiest and the most incredible hair colors to crown your haircut with a modern and fresh touch. Choose the hair color that can be the most flattering one for your personal style and style preferences.

This year is flooded with different incredible hair color ideas that it has become so easy to choose the best hair color which is also trendy and incredible. You can try your hand at one tone hair colors or multi-tonal hair color, both options will work great if they perfectly suit your personality. Try your hand at such bold colors as green, blue, yellow or violet.  Read more »

Two Tone Hair Color Ideas for 2012

If you like to experimet with different hair colors ideas to keep your look too impressive and stunning, take a look at  the following two tone hair color ideas for 2012.

Draw inspiration for your next hair coloring ideas from the newest and the most gorgeous two tone hair color ideas for your 2012 glamorous look. Add some stylish and cool touch to your lovely tresses, no matter what hair length you have.

Your brand new and an ultra-classy hair tone can have a great influence on your chic and cooll look. Inject some brand new touch into your classy locks for the classiest two tone hair color ideas that will crown your 2012 dazzling look.

Take a closer look at these perfect hair coloring techniques that prompt you to get a new cool style in 2012.  Try your hand at one of these perfectly created looks if you are looking for a brand new style for 2012. These ideas will have a great influence on your next classy image. Steal these fine two tone hair coloring ideas that can be rather suitable for your chic hairstyle.

Read more »

Hair Color Ideas for 2012

Create an ultra-glam look by going for the best and the most impressive hair color ideas for 2012. Take a closer look at these perfect hair color ideas created by pro hair colorists if you want to crown your next cute hair style with a funky and stunning look. Change your boring, monotonous and plain look to a newer and a trendier one to turn heads in 2012 with your gorgeous and amazing look.

No doubt that the hair color can play a rather great role in a perfectly created look. It can make most hair styles look more charming and impressive, of course, if it perfectly suits also your skin shade and your personal style. These fine and amazing hair color ideas will help you display your style preferences and beauty awareness. So, ask your hair colorist to create the most impressive color for your pretty and beautiful locks.

If you are going to give your lovely hair some eye-catching and dazzling hair color for 2012, go for the most flattering shade that will perfectly emphasize your stylish nature and bright personality. Go for the trendiest hair styling ideas to inject a too stunning and alluring touch into your chic cut with these trendy hair color ideas. Read more »