Ombre Summer Hairstyles 2014

With the coming of summer perhaps you have already changed you hairstyle and chose more relaxed beach waves or tried hair accessories for summer, and today let’s consider your hair color. For summer you should have hair highlights that are not very bright because the sun will fade the deep bright color very quickly. To be natural ombre hair is the best choice besides it is one of the trendy hairstyles and hair color solutions now. try to keep roots of the color close to natural, then ombre highlights will be easy to maintain. Now more in detail about ombre summer hairstyles 2014.

honey brown ombre hair

Two tone hairstyles are very attractive and this explains their popularity. Ombre hair introduce smart transition from dark hair color to lighter, it can be even dark chocolate to strawberry blonde. Sometimes ombre hair can be transition of 3 colors. Read more »

Fascinating Summer Hairstyles 2014

Now that summer has totally taken over, we stand in front of style change. Our outfit, clothing, shoes and accessories should be updated. Make up must be light and natural. And for sure summer trendy hairstyles should also be special and natural looking. Hair trends 2014 have already determined the best hairstyles for summer and now all red carpet events introduce us fascinating summer hairstyles 2014 –  easy, relaxed and very summer.

summer hairstyles 2014

Below I will introduce the summer hairstyles ideas that are in the mainstream this season and I hope you will get inspired and will easily recreate them. Read more »

Bun Summer Hairstyles 2014

Now that summer is in here, we ought to be ready, ladies! Not only our wardrobe needs to be upgraded, but also hairstyles. We well know that summer hairstyles are easy and relaxed, not demanding time and effort. We have talked about beach wavy hairstyles  and now I want to discuss updo summer hairstyles. For sure no sophisticated updos are allowed, all about soft and tender, mostly messy designs, that is to say bun hairstyles. To consider it more thoroughly I have collected some ideas for bun summer hairstyles 2014, let’s see them, girls!

Summer Messy Bun Hairstyles

Bun updo hairstyles can be of different designs and meant for different occasions. And some of them are very complicated that only hair stylist can create. But for summer hairstyles 2014 we should consider the easiest bun hairstyles, and the first style to mention here is messy top knot. I am sure there is no woman who has never pulled up hair in a knot and run out from her flat. Now imagine your simple updo complete with summer hair accessory! You will get wonderful flirty summer image. Leather and metallic headbands, scarves and other summer hair accessories find here. Read more »

Headband Summer Hairstyles 2014

Summer 2014 fashion trends offer many new designs that include the use of accessories. Great attention this season is paid to details that should be eye catching and cute. This refers to all spheres of fashion and hair styling is no exception. Among hair accessories the most popular hairstyles are the ones with headbands that can beautifully adorn any simple summer hairstyle. So I tried to gather some ideas for headband summer hairstyles 2014 in this article and now I suggest going on with the pictures.

summer headbands 2014

Catwalk shows recently more and more often introduce hairstyles with golden headband, and so no we can clearly see the summer 2014 headband trends. Metallic headband can softly complete any hairstyle, sleek and wavy, short and long. Soft and queen worth designs of golden headbands can be a perfect choice for wedding hairstyles. Read more »

Beach Wavy Summer Hairstyles 2014

Now that the summer is here and we have discussed some of summer hairstyles, it’s high time to get ready for beach season. Any lady now should run for shopping to obtain summer accessories to look sexy on the beach. We think of swimsuits, bags, hats and light dresses, and we should think of hairstyles as well. Beach offers relaxed styles that don’t require time and yet look very attractive, that is why naturally wavy hairstyles are the most popular in the hot season. Now let’s see some examples of beach wavy summer hairstyles 2014, draw some inspiration and really get ready, holidays are coming!!!

summer hairstyles 2014

Wavy hairstyles can be created by many ways. The most simple is the use of curling iron. It will take you little time and you can control the size and shape of waves. Still the thing is that in hot weather curling iron can damage your hair that is dry usually in this season. So here I can offer another simple method: braiding. Just plait some tight or loose brads and go to bed like that. In the morning just undo hair, use some salt water and you relaxed almost natural beach wavy hairstyle is ready. Read more »

Dark Hair Color & Hairstyles

Natural dark hair color looks so sexy and mysterious that can hardly be compared with other color and that’s why many women choose dark shades like dark brown and even ebony black. If you are the owner of natural dark hair color you probably know proper hair care tips to have glossy hair. Those who still do not know proper hair care tricks, I have got some useful ideas to have smashing hair.

straight black hair long hairstyles with bangs

First of all you should use shampoo for dark hair. Natural dark hair is often frizzy and with strong texture, that’s why you should never neglect the usage of moisturizing masks and conditioner. Those who have colored hair can use clear hair glazes that will provide color with blinding gloss. This simple trick will breathe life to your lifeless tresses in a flash. If you have already got desired dark hair color, you can learn few amazing hairstyles that will make your hair look even more attractive and glamorous. Read more »

Top Wedding Hairstyles of 2014

Wedding hairstyle is next important detail in bride’s image and that’s why it should be chosen with great care. Wedding hairstyle should be elegant sophisticated and suitable for wedding dress. Thanks to zillion hairstyles and styling options you will be able to create any unimaginable style that will highlight your best features and will make the queen of the party.

long wavy wedding hairstyles 2014 glamour-wedding-hairstyles-2014

Top Wedding hairstyles of 2014 include all the popular and glamorous hairstyles suitable for such big day so if you have faced the problem of choosing wedding hairstyle, you can get some inspiration from this examples of wedding hairstyles and you will surely find the one for coming party. Read more »

Hairstyles Ideas for Round Faces

Everyone is unique and has unique features. Hairstyle and makeup is meant to highlight best features and at the same time hide little faults. The secret of having smashing look is to have the style that will be perfectly suitable for your face shape. Thanks to zillion haircuts as well as infinite hair styling techniques you will be able to find the one t that will be a perfect match for you. The only thing to be done is to analyze face shape, hair texture and then opt for instant makeover.

medium-hairstyles-2014 updo-medium-hairstyle-2014

Face shape is the first criterion to be taken into account. Ladies with oval face shape can experiment with any haircut be it short or long while those with round or square face shape should be more careful when choosing haircut. Here are some trendy hairstyles ideas for round face shape that will help you to create attractive look. Read more »

Unbelievable Crazy Hairstyles 2014

Hair trends 2014 have already shown us greatest variety of hairstyles starting from classy elegant images and ending with punk hairstyles. Through many articles I have introduced different hairstyles and we have discussed hair types, face shapes. Today I’d like to represent crazy hairstyles 2014, the hairstyles that look like from future, the hairstyles that are extra daring, t,he hairstyles that show much character. Very few of us ladies can dare to have such extravagant hairstyles, yet they are worth mentioning. Crazy hairstyles make you spread the limits and be different. Mind that hair length and type do not mean much, crazy haircuts are suitable for any hair. So are you ready? Let’s have a look!

asymmetrical haircut half shaved crazy hairstyles

One of the crazy hairstyles is asymmetrical haircut. It can be designed on long hair with various asymmetric layers, and on short hair where you can leave one side longer while making the other rather short. Read more »

Mens Hairstyles for Fall 2014

Now that we have discussed a lot summer hairstyles, I suggest passing to autumn. Many hair stylists and fashion gurus have already represented autumn collections and now we already know 2014 fall hair trends and can talk about them. Both ladies and mens hairstyles are innumerable, a fusion of style and inner feelings. In this article I am going to introduce you mens hairstyles for fall 2014, about ladies we’ll talk later. Lets have a look what will be trendy in a couple of months.

fall 2014 mens hairstyles

Spiky hairstyles are in the mainstream. Mohawk and spikes are seen quite frequently among celebrities, thus giving you a chance to recreate the most cute of them. Read more »