Mens Hairstyles for Fall 2014

Now that we have discussed a lot summer hairstyles, I suggest passing to autumn. Many hair stylists and fashion gurus have already represented autumn collections and now we already know 2014 fall hair trends and can talk about them. Both ladies and mens hairstyles are innumerable, a fusion of style and inner feelings. In this article I am going to introduce you mens hairstyles for fall 2014, about ladies we’ll talk later. Lets have a look what will be trendy in a couple of months.

fall 2014 mens hairstyles

Spiky hairstyles are in the mainstream. Mohawk and spikes are seen quite frequently among celebrities, thus giving you a chance to recreate the most cute of them.

spiky hairstyles for men spiky-men-hairstyles 2014

If you have a short layered hairstyle, you must know that it can be styled in many ways, tousled will be nice for casual evening, while slicked back hairstyles will look very exquisite and elegant for formal occasion.

slicked back hairstyles for men slicked back mens hairstyles 2014

Traditional mens short haircut is now updated and you can see short haircuts with long bangs that will arm you with many styling ways, slicked back, or tousled and styled in a quiff. Natural curly hairstyles are popular this season, look at men with curls, they are so handsome and tender.

long bang mens hairstyles natural curly hairstyles for men

Rocker style is very trendy nowadays, mostly because of the beard trend we see now. With long hairstyle, you can just pull hair in a bun, and look very stylish. And finally we can’t leave out crew cut hairstyle that is never out of fashion cause it looks very manly accentuating character and strength. Ti choose this haircut you must have perfect scalp shape.

long mens hairstyles buzz cut hairstyles




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