Men’s Haircuts 2014

Hairstyles designs this year are even more daring than the ones proposed by previous season. hair stylists and masters have set the 2014 hair trends and created best designs to accentuate you character and personality. Th new variations of previous styles are so many both for women and men that you wont need much time going through hairstyles galleries to find the trendiest style for you. we almost always talk about women hairstyles leaving out men. While men haircuts can also be different and stylish. Here below I put together some of best men’s haircuts 2014, check it out.

cool mens haircuts mens hairstyles

The modern men hairstyle trends advice to keep hair a bit longer than usually. This will help you to have various styling ways. Simple buzz cut hairstyle that looks very manly but has no styling variations is actually out of fashion nowadays. Keeping the crown part a bit longer will let it style hair sleek or tousled, pulled to the side or back.

The good thing about this haircut is that it will take some 5 minutes to style it no matter you want it sleek or tousled. You just need to wash your hair with appropriate shampoo and leave it to dry naturally. You can use texturizer to get tousled hairstyle shaping the style with fingers. To have perfect slicked hairstyle use strong gel and style hair while it is still a bit damp.

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