Gorgeous Hairstyles 2014 Winter

Every season has its beauty and winter is not an exception. In order to make it more beautiful and pleasant you should be ready for cold weather by wearing warm clothes taking care of your skin and why not wearing proper hairstyle.

When talking about winter hairstyle first thing to be mentioned is that cold weather and harsh climate are very dangerous for your hair. You should protect it by wearing a hat or at least taking care of tresses with hot oils and moisturizing masks. Trimming will help you to get rid of split ends. Because of low temperature your hair may become frizzy and dry so it is utterly important to hair proper hair care routine. You can also go for instant makeover by adding few soft layers to your haircut. Layering will not only add volume and movement to your hair, nut will also make the styling process much easier.

gorgeous wavy hairstyles 2014 winter gorgeous blonde hairstyles 2014 winter

When it comes to stylish winter hairstyles I can mention great variety of haircuts and hairstyles that will be suitable for cold weather but let’s check out most popular styles that are easy-to-do and suitable for anyone. Here is a brief gallery of stylish winter 2014 hairstyles so take a sneak peek at these pictures and choose the best one for you.
If you have medium or shoulder length hairstyle, you can create wavy hairstyle that is very popular this year. In case you wear a hat you can fix the style with stronghold hairspray that will provide you with long lasting style.

gorgeous medium hairstyles 2014 winter gorgeous pontail hairstyles 2014 winter

If you have long hair and you are looking for neat hairstyle, you can opt for cute ponytail hairstyle that will be suitable for any hair texture. High sleek ponytail will be great for any formal occasion while wavy loose tail with few strands framing your face will complete your casual outfit.

gorgeous hogh ponytail hairstyles 2014 winter gorgeous wavy long bob hairstyles 2014 winter



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