2014 Cute Hairstyles for Long Face Shape

The main option of stylish haircut is that it highlights your best features and at the same time hide your little faults like large forehead, round cheeks or square chin. Everyone has different features and thanks to zillion hairstyles and hair cutting techniques you will easily find perfect hairstyle for you.

Long wavy hairstyles for long faces 2014 Half updo hairstyles for long faces 2014

If you have long face shape you  should wear hairstyle that adds width to your cheeks. Such trick makes your face look proportionate. There are many hairstyles and options that will help you to create desired look but one thing to keep in mind is that you should stay away from wearing super long blunt hairstyle. Short crop cut hairstyle won’t be an option either. The best choice will be medium length hairstyle like long bob or layered midi. If you still cannot choose proper hairstyle for you, take a peek at these examples of cute hairstyles for long face shape and choose the best one to complete your image. 
Long face shape can be easily determined and also can be easily hidden by proper haircut. Hair parting has great importance for long face shape so no matter you wear long or medium haircut, always create side parting or wear long side bang. In case you decide to wear medium haircut, you can choose elegant bob haircut that will frame your face. Soft layers on the front part will also look great.

beach waves hairstyles for long faces 2014 side bangs hairstyles for long faces 2014

All the above mentioned advices will of course help you to create chic hairstyle, however, never neglect the importance of pro stylist who will analyze all details and then will grant you with the cutest and hottest hairstyle.

bangs hairstyles for long faces 2014 straight hairstyles for long faces 2014



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