Unbelievable Crazy Hairstyles 2014

Hair trends 2014 have already shown us greatest variety of hairstyles starting from classy elegant images and ending with punk hairstyles. Through many articles I have introduced different hairstyles and we have discussed hair types, face shapes. Today I’d like to represent crazy hairstyles 2014, the hairstyles that look like from future, the hairstyles that are extra daring, t,he hairstyles that show much character. Very few of us ladies can dare to have such extravagant hairstyles, yet they are worth mentioning. Crazy hairstyles make you spread the limits and be different. Mind that hair length and type do not mean much, crazy haircuts are suitable for any hair. So are you ready? Let’s have a look!

asymmetrical haircut half shaved crazy hairstyles

One of the crazy hairstyles is asymmetrical haircut. It can be designed on long hair with various asymmetric layers, and on short hair where you can leave one side longer while making the other rather short.Half shaved hairstyles are also among the popular hairstyles to be called crazy. You can combine crop cut or totally shaved one side with extra long hair on the other or choose short haircut with shaved sides.

asymmetrical haircut short hairstyles for black women

Faux hawk hairstyle is a popular design for short hair as it look funky and stylish and besides is quite easy to style and maintain. Mohawk hairstyles also do not yield positions and are also in trend both on short hair and on long with faux Mohawk variations.

faux mohawk hairstyles mullet crazy hairstyles

Mullet hairstyles are an adventure by themselves. A combination of long and short haircut in one makes it very edgy and daring.

blunt bang crazy hairstyles shaved head crazy hairstyles

If you are not too daring then blunt bang is your crazy hairstyle. It will new touch and will vamp up your image accentuating your eyes.

And finally the unbelievable crazy hairstyle that is meant only for the most brave ones – shaved head. Well, it’s rather a lifestyle then hairstyle, but you can choose extra short crop cut and get the same sexy looks.




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