Short Hairstyles 2014

The hottest haircut of the coming season is waiting for you if you are the beauty bunny and fashionista. To get you inspired I created this list of short hairstyles 2014 that will be in trends during the spring summer seasons.

short hairstyles classical pixie

Chopping off long tresses tom opt a modern short haircut is a dreadful and risky step for the majority of women. Yet we already know that short haircuts are very sexy and make you look even more feminine than longer hairstyles in some cases. But only self confident and independent women can make such a drastic change in appearance. But don’t panic in advance. There a re many new medium short hairstyles that are highly trendy and still not that dramatic.

Short hairstyles collection 2014 represent some new variations of bob haircuts that are actually popular in any times. twisted bob haircut is all about advantages: stylish, easy to maintain, trendy, and it fits all face shapes. Layered bob is your choice if you have thin hair cause it will perfectly inject volume to your tresses.

Ready for a more daring step to look extremely in trends? Then asymmetric bob haircut is the thing you need. Turn on your imaginations to apply your variants of asymmetry. Choppy asymmetric layers or shaved designs, anything will do this year, all depends on your taste.

And finally! If you are not afraid to go even shorter, then classy short pixie is what you need this season to make you look unforgettable and so modern. Short choppy bang looks cute with short pixie and doesn’t need any special styling means and abilities. Just wash hair and dry it and then apply some texturizer and style the look you want with fingers. The mentioned hairstyles are not the only ones to be popular this year. Follow my posts to know more about hairstyles trends 2014.

short hairstyles for women twisted bob

stylish short hairstyles for women

short hairstyles for women edgy pixie

short hairstyles flipped out bob hairstyles

short hairstyles for women curly bob hairstyles

short hairstyles for women messy pixie



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