Layered Bob

Bob hairstyles are classy styles that have reached us passing through decades and never losing popularity. Stylist updated classy bob with modern twists and today let’s have a look at layered bob.

bob hairstyles with layeres bob hairstyles with bangs


Layered bob hairstyles are in the mainstream this year and by wearing such hairstyles be sure to be a trendsetter among others. You can just add layers to your hairstyle and have fresh looks and you can gor further and fire up your image with new color as well.

bob layered haircuts blonde layered bob haircuts


Layered hairstyles usually can fit any face shape, it all depends on layering style. For oval faces any style will do, while with round and square faces you sould be careful, layers should spread on front part to hide cheeks and they should be longer than chin, while owners of long faces should avoid long layers on front part.

bob layered hairstyles short layered bob hairstyles


Hair care means that you use must also be taken into account. Mind that if you leave layered hair totally exhausted and dry you won’t see the effect of layers, it will be just dry split ends going different ways.

layered bob 2014 layered bob haircuts

It should be noted that layered bob haircuts are easy to maintain, this must be one of the affecting reasons that many women prefer such bob. You can just wash hair and tousle tresses with fingers and layers find their places on their own. For polished look for sure some more time and effort should be spent.

bob haircuts 2014 medium layered bob




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