Easy Short Layered Hairstyles

Here comes the excellent time for upgrading your image with a brand new hairstyle. You are feeling like coming back to life with spring so make the step towards the change! Here is a amazing list of easy short layered hairstyles that are not only in trends this year but also very functional requiring low maintenance.

A short layered vibrant hairstyle

This style is very extravagant and unique so try it only if you are ready for the change, no matter the face shape, if you feel like, go for this style that will suit your life position and personality!

vibrant short layered hairstyleshort layered pixie

Also above you see extra short cut layered pixie hairstyle that has much texture in it and actually requires no maintenance.

A short shaggy layered haircut

Not too short but still not medium haircut will be perfect for oval and heart shaped faces. With bangs it looks stunning.

shaggy short layered hairstyle fun short layered hairstyle

The above fun short layered hairstyle is very casual and a girl-next-door-style, that will make it easy fr people to get in touch with you. Inaccurate layers make it even more attractive.

A razor-cut short hairstyle

Razor cut short hairstyle is perfect with a bit asymmetric bangs and fits most of all face shapes, but the best it goes with long faces. The asymmetry between shorter and longer bangs totally hides the imperfection of long face shape.

short razor cut layered hairstyles wavy short layered hairstyle

The above wavy short haircut is very soft and simple to maintain. It has vintage air around it and wearing such a hairstyle will make you look glamorous.

A smooth short layered haircut

The smooth layered short haircut is quite sophisticated and can be styled in different ways but the smooth style makes it really amazing. This hairstyle mostly fits oval face shape but with the good stylists it can go with any face shape, the professional final touches will make it perfect.

chic short layered hairstyle multi tone short layered hairstyle

Multicolor short layered hairstyle looks nice on almost all faces, longer variations of this style can be perfect for older women to inspire them with fresh touch.





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