2014 Hairstyles for Round Face Shape

The greatest option of haircut is to make you look attractive and stylish and that’s why women spend so much time and money on hair styling. Most women think that hairstyle should be trendy and stylish and forget about the fact that first of all hairstyle should be suitable for face shape. In fact, this is the fist criterion of having elegant and sexy look. As there are different women with different features, I want to devote this post to women with round face shape.

Short-Hairstyles-for-Round-Faces-2014 stylish-layered-hairstyle

It is very easy to distinguish whether you have round face shape or not. If you have round face shape, your main goal should be to hide the width of the cheeks and make your face look oval. Thanks to great variety of haircut and styling options you can easily create slimmer face without opting for diets. Long hairstyle is may be the best one that will create desired look but let’s consider shorter hairstyles suitable for round face shape. Here are some ideas of 2014 hairstyles for round face shape.

Hair length is very important so when it comes to hairstyles for round face shape, you should consider only those that are chin length or below the chin. Short choppy layers on the front part will open your face and make it look wider so wear longer style that will hide your cheeks and make it look slimmer.

messy-and-casual-hairstyle Wavy-Hairstyle-For-Round-Faces-2014

One of the best hairstyles suitable for round face shape is classy bob haircut. This style will look both elegant and trendy as well as will frame your face and make it oval. Blunt bob is more preferable.

Hair parting is also very important. Middle parting is not suitable for your. You’d better opt for side parting or complete your stylish bob with side bang. When it comes to styling options you can experiment with zillion styles and they all will look great. The only thing to keep in mind is that tight curls will make your cheeks look wider so you can opt for soft and barely see waves instead of curls.

layers-with-short-haircuts Bob-Haircut-For-Round-Faces-2014




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