Cute Bangs Hairstyles 2014

If you are tired of your casual hairstyle but still shy away from dramatic changes, you can opt for stylish bang that will glam up your look in a flash. Recently hairstyles with bangs have become very popular among teens and not only. Indeed stylish bang will not only breathe life to your tresses but will also have face framing effect. This is great for those who want to hide large forehead or make face look slimmer.

bangs-with-beautiful-hairstyles 2014 bangs-with-long-haircuts-2014

There are different styles of bangs for any haircut and face shape so you will easily find the one to complete your image. The following selection of cute bangs hairstyles 2014 will show you the latest trends of fringes so check them out and pick the one for your haircut.The greatest advantage of a bang is that it can hide little faults of your face like large or narrow forehead, so it is very important to choose the one that will be perfectly suitable for your face shape. For instance, if you have large forehead you can easily hide it by wearing massive eyebrow sweeping bang. On the other hand, those who have narrow forehead should wear baby bang that will open face. More often women wear eyebrow sweeping bang that hides narrow forehead and makes it even narrower. I must say that it’s a huge mistake.

Blunt-fringe-hairstyles-2014 Fringe-Hairstyles-2014

Those who have oval face shape and feminine features can experiment with bolder styles like asymmetric and choppy bangs. Such bold style of a bang will look great when combined with stylish short haircut.

In order to have attractive look you should wear your bang super sleek. If you have frizzy or curly hair, you can create desired style with the help of flat iron.




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