Undercut Hairstyle for Women

Sunny weather and hot wind makes us think of our image. Do you look as hot as the summer weather? If not yet, let’s discuss in this article undercut hairstyle for women. The majority of you now may say that undercut hairstyle is for men, but I will argue with you here, cause many celebrities choose undercut hairstyle to underline their self confidence and personality, so why can’t you choose a hairstyle to boost your individuality?  Undercut hairstyles are not of one kind, they can be different starting from casual designs to more complicated ones, making you look soft and on the contrary bold.

rihanna long undercut hairstyle short undercut hairstyle

undercut hairstyles braided undercut hairstyle

Undercut style is a retro hairstyle in fact that has returned into fashion during last years, and hold positions so far. It can fit both men and women, and looks equally smart on long and short hair length. And on the whole how can shaved side and longer hair look dull? I assure you that this hairstyle will inject you with life and sexy looks.

undercut hairstyle for women short undercut

Undercut design has its variation, the most well know is short undercut with both sides shaved, and longer hair in the crown area. This style won heart of girls and boys everywhere. Half shaved style is also a popular version of undercut. In this case you have one side shaved or crop cut, while the other is left long and can be styled in the most elegant hairstyle. This is a daring decision, but it will do catch eyes.

undercut style for long hair side swept long hairstyles





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