Side Ponytail

One of the most popular hairstyles of all times is ponytail. And this is easy to explain: ponytail hairstyles are easy to create and no styling skills are required. Imagine yourself for a second, can’t you design a ponytail? Besides, ponytail are very casual at first sight, but if you upgrade them with some tricky detail they can fit any formal event. Actually nowadays the design for ponytails are numerous. They are meant both for everyday life and casual outfit on one side, and on the other for a special event and evening gown. Today let’s consider side ponytail and see what variations we can style.

wavy side ponytail ponytail for black women

ponytail styles twisted ponytail

You will never stop experimenting with ponytails once you start doing it. Look at this twisty ponytail, it look fabulous very simple and easy-to-do, yet looks quite serious and presentable. You just need to twist hair from one side, bringing on the back to the opposite side, and fix the tresses into a loose ponytail.

bridal side ponytail elegant side ponytail

As I mentioned above ponytail styles can look very exquisite and fit the most special occasion. Here you see a wedding side ponytail, that is very simple on one side, but combined with the retro hair accessory turns into a real statement, that will make the bride look modest and innocent, yet so elegant.




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