Shag Hairstyles for Men

Hair trends 2014 are very versatile, you can see numerous designs for all face shapes and hair types. And I am talking now not about women, but mens hairstyles. You can see now many new decisions to original simple hairstyles. All the styles are completed with layers and bangs, to offer more possible designs. Today I will represent shag hairstyles for men, cause they have proved to be quite popular among celebrities recently, and we happened to meet stars with such haircuts everywhere. Why shag? Because it is easy, no maintenance at all and it is suitable for different face shapes and hair texture. Let’s have a look now.

johny depp shag haircuts Kit Harington curly shag haircuts

shag hairstyles for men brad pitt shag hairstyles

Men believe that traditional buzz cut hairstyles are the best solution and longer hair will make them look less manly, but i assure you that if you happen to try shag hairstyles you will love them.

brad pitt shag haircut men shag haircuts

Shag haircuts have passed decades to reach us and now the modern versions of shag are fulfilled with layers. No matter you have curly or sleek hair, layers will change your appearance and make it easier to deal with hair. Bangs is also another new twist. Bangs hairstyles can be styled back to look elegant, and just tousled to have funky looks.



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