Ponytail Hairstyles

The first hairstyle coming to mind when we talk about updos is a simple ponytail. A classy hairstyle that can be designed by any of us even without having styling skills at all. You may even say that wee ponytail is not a hairstyle to speak about but in reality ponytail hairstyles are very versatile and you an see now celebrities that wear high or low ponytails, braided ponytails, straight or curly ponytails. Besides any updo hairstyle is created on the basis of ponytails. Taken alone these cute updo hairstyles can fit any event from morning exercises to a formal evening cocktail. Now let’s see some elegant ponytails to get convinced in the power of these hairstyles.

formal ponytails

No matter whether you have medium or long hair, ponytail is a thing that you must have tried before, simply now try to pay more attention to details and twists, and you will be able to create a ponytail for any formal occasion.

ponytail hairstyles

If you want to have sexy and attractive look you can try to go bold and first obtain blunt cut hairstyle, that tied into a ponytail will vamp up your image. Consider completing your sty;e with a blunt cut bang that will add additional rapacious look to your style of seductress.

elegant ponytails

For casual looks try low ponytail hat can be wavy and loose creating messy natural effect.






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