Pin Up Hairstyles

Retro hairstyles are coming back to our modern fashion more and more now. Many new hair designs are full of retro tricks and details on one hand, and on the other retro styles are completed with modern details. Retro atmosphere is all around, in clothing fashion, in make up, and in hairstyles. So let’s see some of them, precisely pin up hairstyles, the once popular styles from 50’s, that entered 2014 and made a real statement with their appearance.

christina aguilera pin up hairstyles vintage pin up hairstyles

retro pin up hairstyles pin up hairstyles for short hair

In the pictures you see well known celebrities that have turned to hairstyles from 50’s and maybe in some cases they have similar looks appearing on different high class events, but in fact pin up hairstyles look very sexy and they underline the beauty and femininity of each single woman separately.

pin up bangs hairstyles katy perry pin up hairstyles

Among pin ups Victory rolls stand apart, they are very popular and not hard to recreate, just huge hot rollers and that’s all, besides they can be designed on long and medium hairstyles. Even if you have a short pixie with long bang you can try to create a Victorious bang that will look smashing beyond any doubts.

celebrity pin up hairstyles marilyn monroe curly pin up

Betty Page bang is a 50’s hairstyle that appears popular in modern tomes. You just need to roll inwards your bang or front tresses and fix the rolls with pins, I will advice to have the rest of hair rolled as well, to look harmonious.




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