Party Short Hairstyles

Hair trends 2014 include many hairstyles for casual daily life, for official events and for sure for parties. Many extravagant designs can be offered and for sure any woman invited to a party wants to look best of all. Her dress and make up must be very eye catching, and doubtless hairstyle also plays an important role in any woman’s image. Though party hairstyles are meant for any hair length, in this article I would like to discuss in detail party short hairstyles, cause many think that short hair doesn’t allow place for imagination and new styles, I will show you that you are very wrong.

short hairstyles 2014 short party hairstyles

glamorous pixie retro short hairstyles

Try to choose a short haircut with asymmetrical layers and bangs, because they will allow you to have many styling ways, and you will be able even to decide what style to have in accordance with the party.Among party hairstyles I should draw your attention to spiky short hairstyle, that is a version of punk hairstyles. It look a bit bold and daring, but you are invited to a party not to business dinner after all. And also retro short hairstyle is another design you must consider.The soft finger waves looking so extravagant but gentle will turn your image into a real seductress, be sure to fire up any man in front of you with the vintage atmosphere.

vintage short haircut short haircut with long bang





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