Medium Hairstyles for Men

We usually imagine men haircuts to be simple buzz cut hairstyles. But nowadays hair stylist come to offer us great versatility of hairstyles for men! That is why now we see medium hairstyles for men coming into fashion. Don’t be afraid, guys, you won’t look less manly with a bit longer hairstyle, on the contrary now you will have an opportunity to style hair in different ways for each new occasion. It can be styled sleek for formal event, and turned tousled in the next second for a romantic after party. Check out some examples here!

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midi sleek hairstyle for men medium hairstyles for men

Beyond any doubts, medium length hairstyles first of all became popular among celebrities, and only after that came into people. And now we see guys with midi haircuts and I confess they look quite sexy. The most popular midi haircuts for men are all here in this post, so don’t go way and just roll down to see some more from the new trends in hair fashion.

midi layered hairstyle for man bang hairstyles for men

If you are getting ready for some formal event, or you just to have an appropriate hairstyle to your office outfit, ten I advice you side swept sleek hairstyle. It doesn’t require special styling abilities and really looks elegant. For natural sleek hair just add some wax and fix hair with fingers. While wavy hair texture must be blow dried to make it sleek and then style to one side.

If your hair is thick, you can add layers. Layering is a unique styling tricks that makes thick hair look thinner and vice versa. Soft layers will fit thin hair to add volume and movement, while choppy layered medium hairstyle are better for thick hair, to make them look lighter and fresh.

And finally medium hairstyle is perfectly combined with bangs. Just keep in mind your face shape and find your own stylish bang, that can be styled both sleek and tousled.

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