Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

Natural looks are the slogan of hair trends 2014. Any hairstyle that looks natural no matter of easy or complicated design is in trends. The most popular hairstyles among natural looks are wavy hairstyles, cause they are close to original hair texture without any interference of styling means. If you consider latest red carpet events, you will understand that actually many celebrities choose being wavy, cause first it is easy, much easier than curls, and besides hairstyles for wavy hair can fit any hair length, if you are not totally crop cut for sure. Now let’s see some examples to make you sure that waves are gorgeous.

long hairstyles for wavy hair hairstyles for thick wavy hair

short hairstyles for wavy hair long wavy hairstyles

Now there is no need spending hours trying to straighten waves and curls, all you need to do is applying some gel to cam down the waves and that’s it! Imagine how many hours ot will save for you and wavy hairstyles look trendy in fact.medium wavy hairstyles short wavy hairstyles

Long wavy hairstyles should be upgraded with layers to look modern. Choppy layers or soft layers will frame your face and hide the shortcomings that you may dislike. Besides long layered hairstyles look simply fantastic and have million styling ways.

Medium wavy hairstyles can be called the most easy ones, especially when you are wearing medium layered hairstyle, you just wake up, tousle hair with fingers and go out.

Short wavy hairstyles may seem impossible at first sight, but in reality they don’t require much attention, and some layers added they can look very sexy. Short layered hairstyles are in trends, both on straigt and wavy hair texture.






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