Hairstyles for 2014

It’s already spring, colds are gone and finally we can relax and thing of our image and style. Recently I have passed through hair trends of past year and I was surprised to find out that hair trends 2014 took many designs from last year, with some little updates for sure. Here below I will show some hairstyles for 2014, and if you are seeking a makeover in your image and want to stay in touch with the fashion trends look through the post.

brown hair color 2014

On the whole the majority of hairstyles 2014 are natural and more relaxed. In modern times women are busy, the schedule is full of appointments and work to be done, that is why more and more women seek for simple styles, that are natural and easy to maintain. Stylist offer tricks that make it plain to take care of hair regardless of hair length.

Hair trends 2014 represented us many designs: short pixie, asymmetric bob, vintage long hairstyles. so the choice is quite wide. besides some new styling tricks can be used to upgrade your image like adding razored layers or choppy bang to the current hairstyle will inspire it with new breath.

As for hair color trends 2014, stylists also preferred natural tones this time without going too bold and dramatic. The enormous color palette of 2014 includes natural shades of blonde, brunette, brown hair color, as well as red hair color shades, any of them looks natural.

hairstyles 2014

blonde hair color 2014



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