Hair Highlights for Summer 2014

Last season brought into trend multi tonal hair color and this season too considers multi colored hair to be the trend. It is already out of fashion to wear monotonous hair, and fresh hair combos come forward to break the daily routine colors.

To speak frankly, when talking about hair colors we deal with zillion of shades and tones and their combinations. Modern hair styling and care techniques allow us to get the looks that we only used to desire. we just need to be ready for the change and go for it. Here below find hottest hair highlights for summer 2014 and get inspired for the makeover.

red hair highlights purple hair highlights

blonde hair haighlights magenta hair highlights

Summer hairstyles and haircuts are usually much relaxed and natural than other seasons’. Warm and light shades will add tenderness and life to your hair texture. Highlights color should be some two tones lighter or darker compared with the base tone. brown hair color can be combined with golden blonde or red highlights.

hair highlights for summer brown hair highlights

multi tone hair colors blonde hair colors

If you want to go for an edgy change, leave out soft and natural tones and choose bold highlights and be ready to catch eyes wherever you appear with your pink, orange or dramatic red hair colors.

Highlights style is also important as much as the hair color itself. If you want to add movement without drastic changes then add highlights all over hair, they should be thin and light. Chunky highlights and paneling will make you look dramatic. Dip dyeing style and lowlights are the trends in highlights and are the choice of trendsetters in hair industry.

You should keep in mind that highlights should be taken care of to always have fresh looks, otherwise your hairstyle will become dull and bulky. Deep conditioning and moisturizing are the easiest ways to keep hair in good condition, include them in hair care routine. And hair gloss added et the end of styling will keep hair colors bright and eye catching.

long hair highlights pink hair highlights

sandy blonde hair colors brunette hair highlights



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