Hair Color 2014

The easiest way to change looks for women has always been new hair color. In just an instance the image will be totally changed, especially if you want to go bold and choose some bright trendy colors, that are actually quite popular this seasons and stylists offer us to opt such vibrant hair colors.

hair color 2014 brown hair color 2014

One tone hair color can be curious for sure but if you want to be a real trendsetter this time then definitely go for multi tonal hair color. Wide hair color palette now offers so many hair colors and shades that you can choose any unimaginable tone for you. If you plan not to go too dramatic then highlights close to base color will be perfect for you. And on the other hand to get a smashing look among the dull crowd, you can try any of the bright hair shades, purple, orange, red, pink and any other color that you may imagine.

multitonal hair color orange hair color 2014

Hair highlights also have many styles and be careful when choosing among them not to spoil your image. So if you want to have elegant and feminine appearance, then spread highlights in thin strands all over hair length. Dip dyeing and paneling are meant to create bolder looks, as well as chunky highlights that will completely change your image.

red hair highlight soft hair color 2014

Vibrant hair colors for sure a bold step into a new life but you should keep in mind that bright hair color shades require much more time and hair care means to always look smashing. So get ready with the necessary products and then go for a new hair color.




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