Hair Accessories Summer 2014

We already know the main hair trends 2014 and it is obvious that they offer us numerous fantastic hairstyles, and above this coming seasons we will have new upgraded variants of hair accessories that always complete any hairstyle. So let’s not linger and look through hair accessories summer 2014 to get ready for the hottest three months!

hair accessories 2014

Before we start examining hair accessories in details, I should remind you that 2014 hair trends prompt us to for natural and relaxed hairstyles with super volume. Consider fluffy curls combined with flower accessories, the image you will have will be so feminine and angelic, just imagine! This style will be your weapon for very special occasions.

Hair accessories 2014 have retro atmosphere like the hairstyles themselves, most of them mostly repeat the designs of 20s and 50s. But retro style actually has all the needed glamour in it. It’s womanly, elegant, delicate and yet it has the dignity of a modern times woman.  Hair accessories involve the described features. Any hairstyle will become unforgettable with a huge flower or a tiny chic clip.

Hair accessories summer 2014 have a modern twist, they are mostly of leather or golden details. Loose and pulled up hair will look much better and cute with leather headbands. And it will look nice not only for an event, but for everyday casual look as well. If you want to reach elegant look use golden details, like clips, barrettes and gold stripes, this will fit any formal event.

summer hair accessories

cute headbands

flower hair accessories

flower headbands 2014

flower headbands

flowers hair accessories

gold barrettes

hair clips


jewel headbands

leather hair band

leather headbands

leather ribbon

spring hair accessories




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