Trendy Hair Highlights

It is the time for you to come out of shades and shock everybody with new image. Clothing and accessories are important, but hairstyle can be crucial in such case. For many of us, dear ladies, it is difficult to change haircut, to cut off long tresses for example, but changing hair color is much easier. And I will tell you that using highlights is even easier, cause you don’t have to change the hair color you have had for ages, you just bright it up with new color decisions. So here are the trendy hair highlights of the season, look, enjoy and go to hair stylist.

blonde hair color with bold highlights brown hair color with highlights

dark hair color with highlights ash blonde hair color with highlights

As far as we are talking about breaking out from daily casual looks, then logically we should discuss bold hair highlights, that will change you in an instance.

To do this, you have to highlight hair al;l over the length or you can choose contrasting highlights ion some layers or bangs only. Remember to select highlights color that will be contrasting the base tone totally, you can try pink, green, blue and yellow highlights, on dark or fair hair they will look fantastic for sure.

violet hair color blonde hair with pink highlights

But if you are not ready for such a change yet, choose natural hair highlights and lowlights that will add some modern touch to your image without ruining your inner world.





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