Ombre Hair Color

One of the most popular hair colors among celebrities in the new season remains ombre hair color. Many women all over the world come to choose precisely this hair highlights, cause it’s it looks very nice and not casual, and most importantly quite functional and requires low maintenance. You don’t need to constantly visit hair dresser to dye your darker roots, cause ombre hair color mean darker roots melting into lighter ends. It looks perfect on brown and brunette hair colors. so if you have a great desire to create something on your head and still are at a loss what to do, I suggest looking through the examples of ombre hair color below, and inspiration wil come on its own.

brown hair with blonde highlights dark brown hair with blonde highlights

As I said in ombre hair dyeing the main thing to keep is the transition from darker root tone to lighter ends. And actually it can be created on any color, following the rules. With ombre dyeing the process itself is not simple and easy. so to get the desired appearance you’d better go to a professional hair stylist. Dark brunette hair with brown or blonde highlights will look very nice, but if you have light brown hair, choose one tone lighter highlights color.  And the trick that stylists use to make the transition between colors soft and barely seen, is to apply hair hue with hands. In this case the outcome will be more than expected.

Ombre hair color looks fantastic on wavy beach hairstyles, making them look so natural in the sun. Actually this hair color comes from California, people say, where sun always burns hair, making the ends dry and totally lighter so hair stylist turned this natural effect to a real hairstyle and hair dyeing technique.

ombre hair color ombre highlights

soft ombre hair color retro ombre hair



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