New Hair Highlights

Now that summer is almost here, it’s time to speak about hair colors. For many of us totally changing hair color may seem very difficult and that is why I want to discuss new hair highlights, that will keep your common hair color but will add new breath to your tresses with highlights. Depending on what image you want to get at the end, you have to choose highlights tones. To have soft looks, choose highlights some two tones lighter then the base, and for bolder looks choose bright and contrasting color, that will make you look sexy and catch attention everywhere you go.

long hairstyles with highlights new hair highlights

blonde hair color with highlights bold highlights

To have natural hair color, you highlights should be done professionally. Soft colors will add volume to hair and more definition, so such light tones for highlights may be perfect for thin hair to boost some additional volume. For example brown hair color with caramel highlights looks simply amazing.

brown hair with caramel highlights brown hair with highlights

Once you have your hair highlighted you must learn to take care of it. Dyed hair have tendency to become dry and frizzy, and soon you may find split ends. Unhealthy hair look awful, that is why good hair care means a lot. Obtain first class hair care products that will protect your hair, and moisture them adding shine and gloss to tresses. And when dyeing hair, also choose professional hues not to damage hair.

brunette hair color with highlights dark hair with highlights



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