Bright Hair Colors

Hey ladies who are tired of their casual image! Do you know that there is extremely easy way to upgrade your look?  Just change your hair color. Not gradually, not changing to natural hair color, but make a step to a drastic change! Here I represent to you the best examples of bright hair colors that will give you an opportunity to stand out of crowd and be the centre of attention wherever you go.

pink hair color orange hair color

Its always hard to make a decision to a dramatically new look. But keep in mind that no one will like forever you casual and dull image. Now lets continue with how to choose the right hair color.

vivid orange hair color bold violet hair color

As far as we came to an edgy change, we should talk about bright hair colors and not subtle shades and toner. With vivid color you have vast variety: if you want to be extremely seductive, choose platinum blonde so feminine and attractive; go for red hair color to conquer everybody’s heart with your drastic new appearance.

If you seem to want dramatic image, go for black with ping, green, fruity orange and electric blue highlights. And at last f you seek for a change but not so dramatic take an example from modern catwalks and choose pastel color like pale pink or orange and warm violet.



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