Tips for African American Hair Care

African American hair is mainly considered to be brittle, dryer and much curlier, which makes the styling process more difficult and the natural oils don’t work well at the ends of the hair. And, taking into account that African American hair needs more care and attention there are some important tips for African American hair care.

Section your African American hair and then start braiding  it.  Wrap it up and use some satin scarf  before you go to bed. This will help you reduce the amount of tangles that that you are to comb out every morning. This will also reduce the chances of breaking your hair.

After going to bed you ‘ll have to sleep with the same satin scarf or wearing some cap. You’d better sleep also with a satin pillow case.  And why to use a satin scarf or a satin pillow case? This will reduce the ends that are caused by rubbing hair against the cotton one. Wash your hair once a week.  More than that can dry it out. 

Comb your tresses out when you are conditioning in order to remove the tangles when it is still wet and slick. Apply some oil treatments, with such ones as safflower, avocado, carrot oil, jasmine, calendula, etc. Hot oil treatments are preferable to get  once a month because it will re-moisturize your scalp and tresses.

Skip shampooing your hair every day. But you can rinse your hair even if you don’t wash it. Use a separate shampoo and a conditioner, because 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioners don’t work perfect for dry hair. Avoid hair products which contain alcohol because such ones dry out your hair.



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