Recipes for Shiny Hair

If you consider that your shiny hair can be one of the best ways to look attractive and chic you would certainly like to know several recipes for shiny hair.

lf you want to go ultra-charming with your shiny and healthy hair you must use only organic ingredients in your hair care to make sure that  you provide your locks with vitamins and minerals that are so important for your tresses. Use only natural hair conditioning and cleansing treatments to provide healthy hair texture. So, take a peek at the following recipes for shiny hair to provide shine for spring 2012.

reecipes for shiny hair

One of most effective tricks to inject add radiance to your tresses is to use coffee grounds. It is very easy to create. Just add old coffee grounds to your  cosmetic formula to have shiny tresses. This semi-natural recipe help greatly provide your tresses with vitamins and minerals.

Another treatment for shiny hair is the honey treatment. Add 1 tbs of honey to 1 liter of water. Use this treatment to rinse off your locks after you washed them. This will help you have relly shiny healthy-looking hair.

Butter is also very helpful to get shiny hair. Take a tiny chunk of butter and massage it into your locks from tip to roots. Cover your head with plastic wrap for about half an hour and  then rinse your hair using a tiny amount of shampoo.

Watermelon also works great for your shiny hair. The recipe is rather easy to prep. Take a few slices of watermelon and create a paste from them by using a food processor. Apply the treatment on your tresses and your scalp leaving it for about 15 minutes before wash your hair with a tiny amount of shampoo and tepid water. This treatment will undoubtedly help you get a perfectly shiny hair.



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