Whitney Port Fabulous Hairstyles 2014

Glamorous beauty bunny Whitney Port has gorgeous long hair and she definitely knows the secrets of having attractive and feminine look. If you want to break out of your boring shell you just need to follow few simple tricks that will help you recreate Whitney Port’s fabulous hairstyle.

whitney-port long wavy hairstyles 2014 whitney-port blonde curly hairstyles


The fist thing to be said about Whitney Port’s hair is that she has healthy blonde hair and this is the main reason why she always has stunning look. If you have thin and fine hair you should always try to add volume to your hair. You can use round brush to lift the roots. You can also blow dry hair upside down for better result. Celebrity hairstyles she wears are in reality easy but so charming.

Whitney Port often wears long hair with few layers that add extra movement to her hair. She looks simply breathtaking with fabulous wavy hairstyle. You can easily copy her image even if you have sleek hair. Thanks to modern hair styling tools and products you will never face difficulties and you will be able to create any desired style.

If you want to create well defined and vintage waves, keep curling iron a but long and apply hairspray just after styling a strand. On the other hand, if you long for more relaxed and tousled look do not keep the curling iron too long.

whitney-port updo hairstyles 2014 whitney-port side swept beach wavy hairstyles 2014


If you want to have elegant and polished look, you can copy Whitney Port’s up-do hairstyle like cute top knot. In fact this style is very easy to  recreate and can be a perfect lifesaver from bad hair days. You can simply pull back hair, tie it in a high ponytail and then twist the edges in a messy top knot.

whitney-port long hairstyles 2014 whitney-port elegant hairstyles 2014



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