Undercut Hairstyles for Men

Past season hairstyles introduced some new things in hairstyles industry, precisely retro hairstyles. For both men and women we saw styles that were originally popular years before, but now were represented with new modern breath. And I want to say that the tendencies of the current season have not changed much, vintage atmosphere is everywhere around: in clothing, make up and hair styling. For women we have discussed it before, but for mens hairstyles I would like to introduce some designs in this article. As we have come to retro styles I should say that old good undercut hairstyles for men are in trends now, they look masculine and strong, and fashionable cause stylists fresh touch has said its word.

formal undercut hairstyle men david beckham undercut hairstyles

undercut hairstyle men men undercut hairstyle

Classy undercut hair were on the peak of popularity in 1920’s, and now in these times of fresh ideas they have returned upgraded and worthy celeb looks. Undercut hairstyle is usually crop cut or even shaved on sides and a bit longer on the crown area.

elegant undercut hairstyles curly undercut hair for men

Modern design leave the crown part longer that gives many styling options. Besides, if you have curly hair, you won’t need to fight with curls cause undercut with curls is in the mainstream. But in order to have elegant appearance you will have to straighten them and backcomb to get serious sleek hairstyle appropriate for the occasion.






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