Sarah Jessica Parker Stylish Hairstyles 2014

Sarah Jessica Parker is the most stylish character of ” The Sex and The City” and all her images have become trend for us. I can mention zillion hairstyles by Sarah Jessica Parker but I have chosen the most popular and stylish ones that will glam up your look in a flash. All the styles are very easy to do and can be created for your own. The only thing you should do is to keep on hand high class styling tools and products and follow few simple tricks to have celebrity hairstyles.

sarah-jessica-parkerside swept hairstyles 2014 sarah-jessica-parker long hairstyles 2014


Sarah Jessica Parker often wears long or shoulder length hair but if you have midi haircut you can still copy her image. She wears golden blonde hair color with dark roots and sometimes changes it to light brown shade that is in perfect harmony with her skin tone. You can also go for blonde hair color or at least add few blonde highlights to your natural tone and then go own creating Sarah Jessica Parker stylish hairstyles 2014. 
Sarah Jessica Parker is more often seen wearing romantic wavy or curly hairstyle. Indeed, she looks so cute and feminine with wavy hairstyle. No matter she wears girlish fluffy curls or elegant vintage waves, she looks stunning. If you want to create casual look you can simply braid hair and leave it overnight. In the morning unplait hair and you will have gorgeous beach waves. As a complement to your beach wavy hairstyle you can add cute flower accessory like Sarah Jessica Parker.

sarah-jessica-parker curly hairstyles 2014 sarah-jessica-parker simple hairstyles 2014


If you are looking for classy style that will complete your formal or business outfit, you can opt for Sarah Jessica Parker’s backcombed  wavy hairstyle or recreate her elegant up-do hairstyle. In order to copy her backcombed hairstyle you will need blow dryer, round brush, curling iron and hairspray. First blow dry hair lifting the roots with round brush. Then create loose soft waves at the edges with curling iron. At last, backcomb hair hair and fix the style with hairspray.

sarah-jessica-parker elegant hairstyles 2014 sarah-jessica-parker wavy hairstyles 2014



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