Rachel McAdams Classy Hairstyles 2014

Popular actress Rachel McAdams always looks so cute and elegant and no matter she wears loose or pulled up hairstyle, she looks equally stunning. She is one of the celebrities who likes to experiment with different images: one day you cans see her wearing long fairy blonde hair and the next day she can appear with short dark brown hairstyle. Actually, both dark and light shades are perfectly suitable for her porcelain skin tone.

Rachel McAdams short bob hairstyles 2014 Rachel McAdams blonde wavy hairstyles 2014

The most beloved hairstyle 2014 of Rachel McAdams is loose long hair with vintage waves. This style can be easily created on any hair texture. The only thing you will need is large barrel curling iron that will help you to create well defined curls. Then run your fingers through your hair to separate them and finish the style with hairspray. Such glamorous celebrity hairstyles will be suitable for any formal occasion.
Rachel McAdams is a great lover of curly and wavy hairstyles and she almost always wears romantic wavy hairstyle. There is nothing easier than creating wavy hairstyle. Even if you have poker straight hair, you will be able to create lovely curls with the help of curling iron or hot rollers. Rachel McAdams prefers well defined and angelic curls and in order to recreate similar look you should use curl enhancer or styling mousse and then go on styling curls.

Rachel McAdams curly bob hairstyles 2014 Rachel McAdams brown curly hairstyles 2014

Thank’s to oval face shape and feminine features Rachel can adopt any hairstyle and hair parting as well as different styles of bangs like blunt cut or layered side bang. If you also have feminine features, you can also experiment with different styles. On the other hand, if you want to hide little faults, try to find the best option that will make the most of your features.

Rachel McAdams long curly hairstyles 2014Rachel McAdams long bob hairstyles 2014



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