Natalie Portman Elegant Hairstyles for Summer 2014

Elegant and classy image of Natalie Portman can be a perfect inspiration for any artist. Her unique beauty and features gives her an opportunity to wear any image she wishes. The versatility of her celebrity hairstyles and haircuts will give you a chance to copy any of her images without changing hair length.

natalie-portman medium hairstyles for summer 2014 natalie-portman elegant hairstyles for summer 2014

Natalie Portman’s elegant hairstyles for summer 2014 will be suitable for any face shape and hair texture so if you have at least medium length hair, check out the most popular hairstyles of Natalie Portman and practice your styling skills to recreate one of her images.

If you want to create simple and elegant look, you can recreate Natalie Portman’s loose wavy or straight hairstyle. Middle parting beautifully frames your face but if you think that middle parting will not be suitable for you, you can wear side parted or backcombed style.

natalie-portman low bun hairstyles for summer 2014 natalie-portman messy medium hairstyles for summer 2014

For more dramatic and seductive look choose one of Natalie’s formal hairstyles like side swept loose hair or cute up-do hairstyle. In the case you choose side swept hairstyle you should first create well defined curls, then pull hair to one side and secure it with chic hair clip.

If you want to complete your formal outfit, you can wear  Natalie Portman’s elegant French twist. All you need is to straighten your hair with flat iron to have perfectly polished look. Then pull back hair,  create neat French twist and secure it with some bobby pins. At last, finish the look with hairspray for long lasting style.

natalie-portman side swept hairstyles for summer 2014 natalie-portman simple elegant hairstyles for summer 2014



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