Mary Kate Olsen Hairstyles Ideas 2014

Mary Kate Olsen like her sister never stops surprise us with her image and that’s why women all over the world copy her style. If you also want to look like beauty bunny Mary Kate Olsen, check out her most popular celebrity hairstyles and pick the hottest one for your beautiful makeover.

Mary Kate Olsen messy blonde hairstyles 2014 Mary Kate Olsen half updo hairstyles 2014

Unlike Ashley, Mary Kate Olsen often wears long blunt cut or layered hair. She wears blonde hair color but sometimes you can see her with dark blonde or brown hair. In both cases she looks fantastic because she has healthy and strong hair. 
The most popular hairstyle by Mary Kate Olsen is loose beach wavy hairstyle. Beach wavy hair will be perfectly suitable for summer and beach parties, so do not miss your chance to stand out from the rest of the crowd with your celeb worth look. Beach wavy hairstyle is very easy to create on any hair texture. All you need is to braid damp hair and leave it overnight. You can also use sea salt for perfect result. In the morning unplait hair, run your fingers through waves and finish the look with shine spray. Beach waves will look great both loose and in half up-d0.

Mary Kate Olsen beach waves hairstyles 2014 Mary Kate Olsen center parted hairstyles 2014

Next popular hairstyle by Mary Kate Olsen is braided half up-do hairstyle. She often wears cute half up-do hairstyles and you can also create such hairstyle with minimal effort. First wash your hair with volumizing shampoo and towel dry. Then apply styling mousse and blow dry hair by tousling it. This trick will help you to create natural style. At last, braid the bang or front sides, pull them back and secure with bobby pins.

Last hairstyle to be mentioned is simple half up-do. Here you just need to pull back both sides and secure them at the nape. You can use cute hair accessory or simple bobby pin to fix the style.

Mary Kate Olsen braided bang hairstyles 2014 Mary Kate Olsen romantic hairstyles 2014



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