Loose Summer Hairstyles

Summer has almost entered its reign and ladies you must have a look at your hairstyles just now, otherwise it will be late. Hair trends 2014 are about natural hairstyles, and this is mostly about summer, no complicated updo or downdo hairstyles, all messy, loose and “bedhead” hairstyles will be in trends. In this post I have collected best wavy hairstyles from celebrities and I hope they will inspire you to create such cute images on your long tresses. Here we go with loose summer hairstyles.

dark brown hair color with highlights sandy blonde long hairstyles

messy wavy summer hairstyles long blonde summer hairstyles

Loose wavy hairstyles are easy to create and easy to maintain, even without hair stylist you can do it yourself at home. Just some hair wax on damp hair and blow dry it, then spray to fix the effect. If your hair is totally straight you will need curling iron to make some waves, don’t hold curl for long cause you need soft and relaxed waves. And it is ready. Relaxed hairstyles are the best for beach parties, be sure you will look amazing with long tresses. Also it is important to note summer hair color, many women seek for sugar blonde hair color for summer like burnt from sun, while others prefer deep dark color that fit perfectly the tanned skin. As for me I will suggest blonde hair color with caramel highlights, or brown hair with soft highlights, both look natural.

2014 summer hairstyles kim kardashian summer hairstyles







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