Liv Tyler Sexy Long Hairstyles for Fall 2014

Vintage and retro style of Liv Tyler is a perfect source of inspiration for ladies who want to stay in the limelight. If you also want to stand out in a crowd with your unique beauty and style, check out Liv Tyler sexy long hairstyles ideas for fall 2014 and practice your skills to create similar look with her celebrity hairstyles.

Liv Tyler half updo long hairstyles Liv Tyler elegant hairstyles

Liv Tyler wears super long sexy hair with or without layers. Long hairstyle makes her feminine features even more attractive. Indeed, long hairstyle is the best one that will bring out your natural beauty and sensuality. If you have shorter hair and still want to copy her hairstyle, you can either be patient and wait until your hair grows out or turn to hair extensions and enjoy all the benefits of your long hair.
Liv Tyler just loves to wear retro wavy hairstyle with defined waves. You can also create such glamorous look with the help of high quality curling iron. It is very important to use high class styling tools and products that will be less harmful for your hair. First of all wash your hair with volumizing shampoo and conditioner for extra volume then straighten hair with blow dryer. Then use large barrel curling iron to create defined curls. After you finish styling a section, fix hair with hairspray for long lasting effect. At last, make deep side parting to to complete your retro image.

Liv Tyler loose hairstyles Liv Tyler low ponytail

Liv Tyler wears her super long sexy hair without a bang. Due to her proportionate face shape, she can wear both middle and side parted hairstyle but if you want to hide large or narrow forehead, or make your face look slimmer, you can add stylish bang to your long hairstyle.

Another popular hairstyle by Liv Tyler is simple low ponytail that looks casual yet so elegant and cut. This style is very easy to recreate and it will take you less than ten minutes. All you have to do is to make side parting, pull back hair and tie it at the nape with a rubber band or colorful ribbon.

Liv Tyler updo hairstyles Liv Tyler straight hairstyles



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