Jessica Szohr Long Hairstyles 2014

Jessica Szohr is perfect inspiration for ladies who are tired of boring images and are looking for something new and fresh. If you have long hair you will not have to kiss goodbye to an inch of it in order to have brand new look. All you have to do is to learn few simple styling secrets that will help you to have stunning look on any occasion. Check out the following 2014 long hairstyles ideas by Jessica Szohr and inspire yourself for next hot celebrity hairstyles.

Jessica Szor fishtail hairstyles 2014 Jessica Szor long messy hairstyles 2014

The greatest thing about Jessica’s hairstyles is natural style without any sophisticated twists. In fact, such hairstyle is the best one that will  bring out your natural beauty and sensuality. There is no need to go overboard with styling products in order to create attractive look. Just make the  most of your hair with tiny amount of shine serum. 
First hairstyle to be mentioned is Jessica Szohr braided hairstyle. Braided hairstyle will never go out of the fashion and that’s why celebrities often choose braids for different red carpet events. There are zillion styles of braids both simple and complicated so if you are still rookie in the art pf plaiting, you can begin with simple French braid.

Jessica Szohr often wears fishtail braid that is also very easy to recreate. You can wear simple side braid with few loose strands for more relaxed and casual look or you can create tight braided tail that will be gorgeous complement to any formal outfit.

Jessica Szor straight hairstyles 2014 Jessica Szor curly hairstyles 2014

If you want to show off your long tresses and still you feel uncomfortable with loose hairstyle, you can easily create glamorous look by wearing half up-do hairstyle. Jessica Szohr half up-do is very easy to copy. In order to have celeb worth look first wash your hair with volumizing shampoo and style loose waves for more romantic look. If you have naturally curly hair you can just apply curl enhancer and air dry hair. Then twist two sides, pull them back and secure with cute hair clip.

Those who have medium hair and still want to Jessica Szohr long hairstyle, can have similar hot look with the help of hair extensions. On the other hand, one can get some inspiration from Jessica Szohr medium haircut that looks as hot as her long hairstyle.

Jessica Szor side bangs hairstyles 2014 Jessica Szor choppy bangs hairstyles 2014



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