Halle Berry Glam Hairstyles for Summer 2014

Cute and sweetheart Halle Berry looks great with any haircut and that’s why she never stops experimenting with different images. You can hardly find any stylish haircut that she hasn’t worn. She wore super long curly hair and then chose bolder short haircut that looked simply fantastic. If you are tired of your casual haircut, you can get some inspiration from Halle Berry and pick one of her celebrity hairstyles for beautiful makeover.

halle-berry wavy bob hairstyles for summer 2014 halle-berry short hairstyles for summer 2014


Great variety of Halle Berry’s glamorous hairstyles for summer 2014  will give you a chance to recreate any of her images without going for dramatic changes. The greatest thing about celebrity hairstyles is perfect condition of tresses so never neglect the usage of proper hair care formulas. 
If you have long hair and you are not ready to kiss goodbye to it, you can simply create one of Halle’s elegant up-do hairstyles. She often appeared on the red carpet wearing cute ponytail or messy up-do hairstyle. All the styles are really easy to do and can be created for your own. The only thing you will need is some bobby pins or rubber band, hairspray and your imagination that will help you to create celeb worth look.

Halle Berry wore long hair for a long time and then she changed her from super long hair to classy bob haircut. This image became very popular and most of her fans copied her image. If you also like to have elegant bob haircut, you just need to ask pro hairdresser to create similar hot look. Once you wear bob haircut, you can wear it wavy like Halle did or style it super sleek for sexy look.

halle-berry bob hairstyles for summer 2014 halle-berry-hairstyles for summer 2014


Bob haircut will give you a chance to style your hair in zillion ways. You can wear it curly or wavy for more relaxed look or you can style it in a classy ballerina bun or French twist that will be gorgeous complement to your formal outfit.

If you long for some drama, choose Halle Berry trendy short haircut. She looks so hot and sexy with super short haircut and if you think that pixie hairstyle will look rather masculine, you are quite wrong. Take a look at her pictures and you will get in love with short haircut. First she wore longer pixie haircut and styled it spiky. This hairstyle is very easy to do, all you need is to apply texturizier and style perfect spikes with your fingers.

For bolder look wear super short crop cut hairstyle that will highlight your sexuality in the best way. Before going for changes you should analyze your features like face and scalp shape and then chop off your hair. Low hair care routine makes short haircut the most popular one for busy women.

halle-berry updo hairstyles for summer 2014 halle-berry elegant updo hairstyles for summer 2014



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