Hair Highlights by Celebrities

Ladies, it’s not a secret that we are all very changeable and we always seek for something new not to get bored and tired. This feature of ours affects all spheres of life, and our image also undergoes changes in accordance with mood. Hairstyle and hair color are among the first things to be changed when we need an inspirational make over. Sometimes it is difficult to go for a new haircut, and even changing hair color can be stressing. So here we have only solution: hair highlights. Modern hair dyeing techniques are a source of endless hair color combos and new decisions and first of all we see them on celebs for sure. Here are examples of hair highlights by celebrities that will be useful for you.

brown hair highlights black hair with highlights

brown hair with blonde highlights caramel hair highlights

When going for hair highlights be sure to select appropriate hair colors, cause highlighting by itself applies that base tone should be two shades darker than highlights.

The hairstyles represented here can be wonderful inspiration for you to get ready for the beach season, cause among hair highlights ideas many are as if sun kissed color shades, and better to examine them already now. caramel and sandy blonde hair highlights look very natural in the sun, people may think that hair just got sunburnt. Anyways, when choosing highlights try to take into account your life style. Bold highlights with contrasting colors lead to an edgy change, while soft color shades merging to each other will brighten your image without any dramatic moments.

dark hair with highlights brown hair with caramel highlights




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