Easy Updo Hairstyles

Summer is almost here, the season of updo hairstyles, tanned skin and wonderful spirits. And you still don’t know hairstyle you are going to wear this summer? I am here to show you some flattering summer updos, that will make you love them at first sight. Surely the greatest inspiration again are celebrities, that have already shown us on different occasions the best variants of easy updo hairstyles that will be suitable and for casual outfit, and for an event, and for a party somewhere on the beach. Summer hairstyles should be loose, easy and relaxed not to make you uncomfortable in the hot weather. Let’s check it out to see what new breath the trends have brought us.

jessica alba summer updo curly updos

Jessica Alba is a beauty icon that always appears feminine and tender, her all image is about elegance and grace. At the above pictures she appears in a wavy updo hairstyle that opens her face, underlining eyes and face shape, and also puts accent on her skin color. The style is easy-to-do. Just make hair wavy, then design a messy bun and that’s it, your celebrity hairstyle is ready.

wavy updos jessica biel summer updo hairstyles

Jessica Biel’s messy French twist is a perfect decision for a party. The naturally curly hairstyle makes the whole image very sexy and romantic. You can create it on your own: tousle the roots, take hair back and create messy French twist. To accentuate your sensuality, leave out some strands.

nicole richie summer updos boho braids for summer

Braided hairstyles are in the mainstream this seasons, they seem not to loosen their positions. Nicole Richie’s boho braids are an example of easy updo hairstyles with loose and relaxed waves.

messy updo hairstyles jessica stroup curly updo

Look at this perfect hairstyle meant for very special occasions: Jessica Stroup’s wavy up-do hairstyle. You can wear it to a wedding, or prom party and you will win hearts. By the way it is simple to create it. Use curling iron to design loose and big waves and then design the loose bun, again some strands left out will make you look more seductive.




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